Best CPU Cooler For Asrock x300

So you bought this Asrock x300 home, and you are just too excited to try your hands on it? If yes, then stop there! Before you start your system and have the most fun from it, consider purchasing a good CPU cooler. I learned the hard way that your stock cooler might not be enough to cool down your x300.

Because these systems are pretty compact, it might be hard to choose a good cooler for them. But you don’t have to worry! I am here to help you out! I have tried my hands on some of the Best CPU coolers for ASRock x300 available on the market.

However, only the 7 that worked well could make up my list of the best CPU cooler for Asrock x300, and I can’t wait to share them with you. I have taken my time selecting this list as I want to make sure that my recommendations are as good as possible. So let’s get started!

Top Products:

Best CPU Cooler For Asrock x300 at a Glance:

  1. Thermaltake Engine 27
  2. Cryorig C7 RGB Low Profile CPU Cooler
  3. Noctua NH-L9a
  4. Noctua NH-L9i Chromax
  5. ARCTIC Freezer 11 LP
  6. Cooler Master Hyper 212

Best CPU Cooler For Asrock x300 Reviewed

Best Pick

Thermaltake Engine 27

Best CPU Cooler For Asrock x300


Brand:Thermaltake | Cooling Method:Fan  | Material:Aluminium | Noise Level:13 dB

Engine 27 is a premium CPU cooling solution for gamers and enthusiasts, providing maximum heat dissipation, silence, and efficiency. At least, this is what the manufacturers have advertised, and I am going to test whether this can perform the best or not.

Usually, we see CPU coolers with that black or white aesthetics and having some visible fans. But this engine 27 is a bit different in terms of the fan. This CPU cooler doesn’t have a single fan system in the middle.

Instead, it has this heatsink system that rotates, like the whole heatsink literally spins around to dissipate heat. Also, it has this hydrodynamic air bearing that would also aid in the heat transferring process.
So the heatsink has these 119 L-shaped aluminum fins in the outer layer and 40 aluminum fins in the inner layer. The profile of this CPU cooler is 27mm tall, so I am already assuming that this one would fit well in all of those compact systems.

Complete view of Thermaltake Engine 27

Now let’s get onto the benchmarks and see whether this cooler will be able to outperform or not. So, Engine 27 kept the system at 59 degrees Celsius at 2500 rpm, making it the best CPU cooler for gaming. And these results were somehow similar to the Cryorig C7 and the Silver Stone NT08-115XP.

Next, coming towards the noise levels with Engine 27, it maintained a 36 dB even while spinning at 2500 RPM. The noise is somehow intolerable, but this is already portrayed in their advertising information. In short, I would describe this as something like a high-pitch noise.

If I compare this one with the Silverstone NT08-115XP performance-wise, it is similar to engine 27. However, one thing that differentiates both is the high price you will be paying for the engine 27. Another bummer about the engine 27 is its loud noise, while the Silverstone has a tolerable and slight humming noise.


Considerable temperature drop

Solid build-up

Easy to install

Low profile



A bit loud


Thermaltake Engine 27 is the best CPU cooler for gaming in its class. It has a simple and elegant design to keep the look simple, but the performance is top class with a vast capacity. But I think other options at the same price provide better performance. Or you can get the same performance at a much lower price that isn’t too loud.

Cooler Master MasterAir G200p

Best Low Profile RGB CPU Cooler


Brand:Cooler Master | Cooling Method:Fan  | Material:Aluminium | Noise Level:28 dB

Now, if you ever tell me that you don’t know about Cooler Master, you might be kidding. This is the most popular brand of computer cooling system in the world, with more than 2 million units sold yearly. As you guys already know, I have a compact PC case, so I am always looking out for a low-profile cooler.

The cooler Master MasterAir G200p is advertised as a compact CPU cooler, and I will be going through some benchmarks on whether it can become the best low-profile CPU cooler for Asrock x300.

Okay, so first, let’s get to see what comes in the box. So it comes with a manual, some screws, a thermal component, an RGB controller, some mounting brackets, and a fan. Lastly, the heatsink, which I guess is really short as compared to other CPU coolers.

CPU Cooler comes with additional accessories
This is how it is looking

Now, let’s look at the cooler; it has these dual heat pipes, which I guess would aid significantly in the quick dissipation of heat. Next, the fans are 92mm by 15mm with RGB, which I am not fond of because I believe in performance and seldom in aesthetics.

Next, let me share the experience of installation with you. Overall I am happy with the gear it comes with, especially the back plate compatible with every kind of motherboard.

But guys, this one here might be a headache while mounting up. If you get away with mounting the suitable screws into the right place, then consider yourself lucky. However, I don’t consider myself lucky because mounting 16 screws at a time was a tiresome task for me.

Now let’s hop onto the benchmarks. So, I first tried to run the load test for playing games at 1080p and medium settings; the temperature was 74 degrees Celsius. Now, if I compare it to another CPU cooler, then it would be the AMD wraith stealth stock cooler. This G200p performs precisely like that with a small profile.

Talking about the fan noise, I didn’t have any issue with that because they aren’t as loud as it might disturb my gameplay. Also, for those who want to have their system flashy then, they can also change the RGB according to their build.


Quiet operation

Efficient cooling

Cool RGB

Low profile


Clumsy installation


The Cooler MasterAir CPU cooler is the best CPU cooler for Asrock x300. It can be used in any computer case and is suitable for small and medium-sized builds. I didn’t have any issue with the performance, but I certainly don’t like how installation works for this one; it is indeed hectic!

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Staff Pick

Cryorig C7 RGB Low Profile CPU Cooler

Best Powerful CPU High End


Brand:Cooler Master | Cooling Method:Air | Material:Copper | Noise Level:14 dB

Have you ever thought that you would be able to get a CPU cooler that is precisely the size of your handheld smartphone? If yes, then that time has come, and now a CPU cooler that small actually exists, and not only is it one of the powerful CPU coolers for Asrock x300. Keep on reading as to know why I am claiming this even.

So, The Cryorig C7 Low Profile CPU Cooler is a complete copper low profile CPU cooler with LED lighting and a dual fan design that comes with an all-in-one remote control.

From the design, I came to know that it has these attractive four 6mm heat pipes that are intertwined between 57 copper fins that are exactly in the shape of S. I also believe that this copper setup gives this CPU cooler a premium and high-end look that is indeed a treat for the eyes.

Cryorig C7 RGB Low Profile CPU Cooler with backplate

It comes with these 92mm fans that are in white and gray color and has a 4-pin PWM heather. Additionally, the fan is known to spin up to 2500 RPM, and with the two clips, it is extremely easy to remove it from the top of the heatsink.

Coming towards the installation process, it is completely easy and straightforward. I had no issue installing this one as it has defined instructions in the manual. Also, the mounting brackets have specified the screws that need to be mounted, so it is a quick one to install.

Okay, now let’s jump onto the benchmarks; I got the temperature of around 25-30 degrees Celsius at idle. Before putting the cooler into action, the temperature remained 75-80 degrees Celsius while I was rendering videos.

However, with the C7, I was able to lower the temperature to below 65 degrees Celsius, which is a huge milestone, I believe. Here, I would like to clarify that at this temperature, the fan noise was indeed audible as it was spinning at max speed.

Like it wasn’t crazy audible but still somehow audible that you would notice it while you are playing games or rendering videos over this one. I believe the noise might not be a massive turnoff for those who use their PC while having headphones.

CRYORIG C7 is a mighty cooler. Its ability to cool an entire length ATX board and its low profile make it a good option for smaller computers. However, guys, this premium performance comes at a high-end cost but again, I won’t mind spending up some extra bucks to have my PC build run cool.


Cool looks

Powerful performance

Quick heat dissipation

Low profile design



Audible noise levels


I like the C7 because it has a great design and a powerful CPU cooler. This is a good choice if you need a very high-powered cooler with a small footprint. But as a matter of fact, remember it has an audible sound and comes at a premium price. In the end, performance with this one is indeed worth every penny.

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Budget Pick

Noctua NH-L9a

Best Budget CPU Cooler for Asrock x300


Brand:Noctua | Cooling Method:Fan  | Material:Copper | Noise Level:15 dB

I care about each of my followers, and just like other posts, I have a budget product in this one. So, if you are building your system on a budget, then the Noctua NH-l9a-AM4 is one best budget CPU cooler for Asrock x300. This CPU cooler has all the features found in higher-end Noctua products.

This CPU cooler here comes in premium packaging. You will get a manual for installation, some installation brackets, and mounting screws in the box. Honestly, the footprint here is quite impressive and Is perfect for any small form factor, including the ITX motherboards.

Additional accessories that I got with Noctua NH-L9a
Back view of Noctua NH-L9a

This CPU cooler has a footprint of 114mm by 92mm and stands 37mm tall, so I guess this won’t have any issue fitting up in any case. Coming toward the fans, these are Noctua’s original 9×14 PWM fans of 92mm.
Additionally, according to the advertisement by the manufacturers, these fans have a max speed of 2500 RPM.

Now let’s talk about the installation part; as a frequent CPU cooler installer, I didn’t have any issues while putting this one up for work. However, those who are beginners might have a hard time installing this one because it requires precision. But once you are done with the installation, the results are worth the hassle.

Noctua NH-L9a After installation

Also, here I would again tell you that this cooler is much shorter. As I compared it with the stock AMD wraith stealth, the Noctua here is much shorter while the AMD one stands taller.

Now let’s get to the benchmarks here. I compared the NH-L9a with the stock AMD wraith stealth. Both are rated up to 65 TDP, so it is pretty interesting to see how both perform while working under load.

AMD wraith stealth and the NH-L9a idled at 31 degrees Celsius and had a 1-degree difference even under heavy load. Here I can claim that both CPU coolers had the same cooling effects. And I don’t think Noctua would be a good one if you want to upgrade your system’s cooling system.

One significant difference between both of the coolers was, of course, noise level. So, the stock AMD wraith stealth was actually making some audible noises, literally audible throughout my gaming room.

Additionally, for overclocking, it also worked without any issue, so I believe it can provide some decent performance even under load. However, you might need to rely on some other CPU cooler for high-end builds.

Now the noise for the Noctua NH-L9a wasn’t much audible even though it was spinning at high speed under load. So if you plan to get a CPU cooler that can remain silent and fit into your system without any hassle, this might be the right choice. However, I won’t recommend going for this one for upgrading purposes.


Completely quiet

Effective cooling

Direct air ventilation

Durable for long


Not for heavy duty builds


Noctua’s NH-L9a is the best CPU cooler for its price. If you are looking for a low-profile, affordable option that keeps your CPU running at optimal temperatures and gives you a quiet fan, Noctua has you covered. However, I would advise you not to get this CPU cooler for high-end builds.

Noctua NH-L9i Chromax

Best Overall CPU Cooler for Asrock x300


Brand:Noctua | Cooling Method:Air | Material:Copper | Noise Level: 23.6 dB

I have another pick from Noctua that is all black and has some premium looks. Noctua’s Chromax series is designed to be compatible with most CPU coolers. Its design enables a low-noise operation and ensures the outstanding performance of the product as well as its CPU cooler.

First, let’s talk about the box in which this CPU cooler comes. Inside the box, this black heatsink, 92mm fan, thermal compound, mounting screws, and a manual, of course. If you look at the design, this is the perfect overall CPU cooler for Asrock x300 because it has this small and compact build.

In terms of heat pipes, it has a total of two copper heat pipes for the heatsink, having a diameter of 6mm. On the heatsink, I noticed that it has 55 black-coated aluminum fins stacked to promote effective heat dissipation.

Back view of Noctua NH-L9i Chromax

In terms of installation, I found it way too easier because the mounting system and screws are all provided in the box. However, be careful while applying the thermal compound and cautiously install the cooler in its place.

Noctua NH-L9i Chromax After installation

Next, I tried to benchmark Noctua’s NH-L9i with the NH-U9s because this was the only one I had now. Both CPU coolers somehow had the same temperatures, which is not surprising. So, even under high load, the temperature was 68 degrees Celsius which shows that this CPU cooler can handle casual operations and withstand heavy loads.

Unfortunately, this CPU cooler can perform decently but not better than liquid CPU coolers. And from this, it is safe to claim that the Noctua NH-L9i can handle normal to medium load; however, for the heavy load, you might have to get another CPU cooler.

In terms of noise, it has disappointed me because fans here are actually noisy, making some audible noise of up to 40db. So, guys, this CPU cooler is in no way a quiet CPU cooler for your build.


Decent design

Awesome heat dissipation

Easy to install


Limited performance

Making some audible noise


This is an ideal heatsink if you want to add to your system for everyday work. This cooler is designed to keep the CPU as cool as possible. However, it might not be a suitable CPU cooler if you want something for a heavy load because the performance is a bit limited. Also, the fans might get loud at times.

ARCTIC Freezer 11 LP

Best Mid-Range CPU Cooler


Brand:Cooler Master | Cooling Method:Fan  | Material:Aluminium | Noise Level:28 dB

Here I am with another amazing CPU cooler for people with a mid-range budget. So, this Arctic Freezer 11p CPU cooler is just under $24, which makes it one of the best mid-range CPU coolers for Asrock x300.
Okay, let me give you a quick review first so this CPU cooler is compact in footprint and comes with around 50 aluminum fins and two copper heat pipes.

Apart from this, It has this 92mm PWM fan in white color. The build here is not something very fancy or premium, but I am sure it’s enough to get the work done.

Now I will share what stuff it comes up with in the box. So this CPU cooler comes with some hefty mounting accessories and, of course, a manual. If you are wondering why this CPU cooler doesn’t have any thermal compound included, then let me tell you this one has its thermal compound already installed.
In addition to all of these accessories, the manual is very straightforward and explanatory as well.

Some accessories I got with ARCTIC Freezer 11 LP

The instructions are straightforward, and I got them by just giving them a read. Additionally, the 11LP is just 53mm tall. Honestly, I wouldn’t expect it to be significant because of the inexpensive price tag.

As I discussed earlier, the fan here is white in color and is a NAND 2mm fan. The rpm of this fan can range from 900 to 2,000. I guess these fans would perform well, but I will leave that discussion to the later part, where I will run the benchmarks.

Now it’s the time to install this one and test whether it can give a hard time or not. So the installation process for me was very easy, and I understood it as a push n pull CPU cooler design. I don’t think anyone would ever have any issue installing this one.

ARCTIC Freezer 11 LP after installation

Next, I performed benchmarks over this one at 4.0 GHz and 1.08V. It was able to keep my system cool at 70 degrees Celsius. I also tried to compare these results with the same low–profile CPU cooler that is similar to this one.

The results were similar, and there was no considerable difference. I didn’t have any issue with the results, but I hope that the insulation will be improved with this one in the future. But again, at this point, you cannot expect this CPU cooler to give you that top-notch performance.

Now I won’t suggest this CPU cooler for overclocked systems, but still, I wanted to push this CPU cooler, so I tried it with an overclocked system. So, the temperature here was 98 degrees Celsius which is, I guess, a very-very hot temperature.

Coming toward the noise factor, I can easily claim that this CPU cooler might not be able to perform like the high-end ones. However, it still has zero audible noise, which is the best thing about this cooler.


Quiet fans

Copper heat pipes construction

Compact footprint



Ineffective cooling system


Overall I would suggest that if you want to get an average-looking CPU cooler at the mid-range price, the 11 LP might be the right choice. But remember one thing that this CPU isn’t meant for overclocking or any other high-end tasks. Ironically, the intel’s stock coolers would perform much better than this for heavy-duty tasks.

This cooler is great if you want to make your system quieter. It’s also very pretty, and has a nice RGB design. However, you will need to be very careful when installing it.

Cooler Master Hyper 212

Best Fan CPU Cooler For ASRock


Brand:Cooler Master | Cooling Method:Fan  | Material:Copper Aluminium | Noise Level:15 dB

I Present to you the Cooler Master Hyper 212, which is the premium CPU fan cooler for Asrock x300. Guys, this one is my favorite, and I am literally going to get this for my Asrock again and again, without any doubt.

I totally condemn purchasing high-end components that are expensive and unable to do the work. But this guy over here is inexpensive and still performs the best, and you will get to know why I am bragging about this CPU cooler later from the benchmarks.

This guy over here has been in the market for more than 10 years and has secured some of its most exotic reputations. The design itself is very impressive and fits everyone’s preference which is the best part about this one.

Here I would leave a reminder note that even though this cooler has some premium performance, still it isn’t comparable to the high-end ones like the Noctua or Be quiet CPU coolers. In short, it is meant to replace your stock cooler in a much better way.

This CPU cooler’s size is a bit more huge than other CPU coolers on this list. The 212 Evo is about 120mm wide, 158.5mm high, and 77mm deep with the fans installed.

Complete view of Cooler Master Hyper 212

This CPU cooler’s design is basic and isn’t something fancy like RGB or led. The fan doesn’t have any specific flashy color and maxes out at 2000 rpm. Here I would also remind you that a 212 Evo V2 also exists that has been recently launched not as a competitor but as a parallel CPU cooler to the original 212 EVO. One thing that is a bit improved with version 2 is the new heat pipes design, and it also comes with a handy mounting kit, which is an exciting thing about this one.

And if you purchase the newer version of the 212 Evo, remember it would also cost you some extra bucks. For the installation process, I would share that this CPU cooler is 10 years older, and the installation process might not be as easy as with the newer generation CPU coolers.

I wanted to share with you my experience installing the 212 Evo CPU cooler so you won’t have to go through any issues that I went through. One piece of advice is to not tighten the screws way too tight as they will pop up through the motherboard. Be careful as the space is small, and you don’t want to damage any components.

After the installation, the thing that bothered me a lot was its huge profile leaving behind no place for memory modules. If you have an ATX or other compact build, you would not be able to accommodate the memory modules. But in my case, I could accommodate a single module that worked for me.

Cooler Master Hyper 212 After installation (not satisfied)

Now let me share the benchmarks with you; at 95W load, the 212 Evo has a temperature of 60-65 degrees Celsius, much lower than the Hyper 212 black, which gave a temperature of around 70-75 degrees Celsius. While the noise levels here weren’t too quiet like they were apparent.

I also tested the Hyper 212 Evo at 150W load, and the results were terrible; the temperature here remained constant at 92 degrees Celsius. And with the fans were running at full speed, too, and the noise was much audible.



Decent cooling effect

Comes with thermal paste

Has all the mounting gears


Installation is a nightmare

Loud fans


If you guys would ask me to give my two cents over the Hyper 212, I would suggest this one to anyone. This CPU cooler would not cost you much and still provides incredible cooling performance. Additionally, the installation is crazy, and the fans are loud. Still, if you are using headphones while using your PC, this sound might not be a problem.


To sum it up, Without a decent CPU cooler, the heat can become too much, eventually damaging your computer’s hardware. The X300 comes with a stock cooler that’s been on the market for some time now and is proven to keep the processor cool to some extent. But If you’re looking for more performance out of your system, I have provided some awesome coolers here. Not sure which one to get? Let me share my favorite one from this list.

  1. Get yourself the Thermaltake Engine 27 for gaming as it is one of the Best CPU coolers for gaming.
  2. Now, if you are looking for a powerful CPU cooler, go for the Cryorig C7 Low Profile CPU Cooler, as it is the Most Powerful CPU cooler for Asrock x300‎.
  3. For budget builders, you can go for the Noctua NH-L9a Cooler, as it is one of the Best Budget CPUs for Asrock x300.‎

So grab one now and let the fun begin!

Frequently Asked Questions

I Have An ASRock X300 Motherboard With An Intel Core I3 Processor. What Is The Best CPU Cooler For This Computer?

The best CPU cooler for this motherboard is the Noctua NH-U14S, which is a very quiet, efficient cooler that will keep your CPU cool and quiet. There is no specific requirements but the cooler should be able to withstand extreme heat. The cooler has to fit into the fan connector on the motherboard and must be able to support the processor’s power consumption.

What’s The Biggest Misconception About ASRock X300 Best CPU Cooler For?

The biggest misconception about ASRock x300 best CPU cooler for is that it’s a cheap CPU cooler. ASRock has been in the computer industry for many years, and they have built a reputation for making great products.

Is A Stock cooler Not Enough For ASRock X300?

A stock cooler won’t keep the temps down below 70F. You’d have to upgrade to a water cooler or a better aftermarket cooler. Check out the Cooler Master Hyper 212 for a cheap option that won’t require any tools.