Best CPU Coolers for i5 9600k in 2023

Having an Intel K series processor is all fun until you have overclocked it and then you are left with a overheated system that isn’t going to last for long.

if you never want that to happen you must definitely consider purchasing a cooler for your i5 9600K. not able to choose one? no worries as today I am going to reveal 7 Best CPU cooler for i5 9600k.

Intel released their K series especially for the purpose of heavy gaming and other professional works like editing or streaming.

however, such work do require a lot of power that in turn makes the system heated up in no time and eventually destroying it in a few seconds.

I have tried and tested many CPU coolers for i5 9600k and shortlisted 7 of them to make it easier for you to decide. so lets dig them up one by one!

Top Products:

Best CPU Coolers for i5 9600k at a Glance:

  1. DEEPCOOL Castle 240EX
  3. Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo CPU Cooler
  5. be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4
  6. Cooler Master MasterAir Maker
  7. Cryorig H7 Tower Cooler

Best CPU coolers for i5 9600k You Can Buy Today


Best CPU cooler for i5 9600k

Best stylish CPU cooler


Brand: Deep Cool | Cooling Method: Water | Material: Copper | Noise Level: 17.28 dB

First, I will talk about a CPU cooler that holds the award for the best-looking CPU cooler for i5 9600k, the Deep cool Castle 240EX. I always work on the performance and never on aesthetics. Many of you guys asked me to review a CPU cooler that would look beautiful and perform up to the mark, so your wish is my command.

First and foremost, let me praise the technology this CPU cooler has. It has some awesome anti-leak technology. This technology offers a robust cooling effect and protects your system from getting damaged. The flow route inside is optimised and provides the safest cooling effect ever.

On top of all these features, it has the quietest operation. It operates fully and works better, yet you will hardly notice any disturbing noise. The 25% extra fin area made of copper provides a spacious heat absorption area. At least, this is what the manufacturers have advertised.

Initially, it comes with 2 fans TF120 and, of course, a 3-pin of 5V addressable RGB that can be controlled from the RGB header and controller. The radiator here is 240mm, as the name says, and the pump block is very attractive.

Best CPU cooler for i5 9600k

I like everything about the installation because the mounting is really simple. Overall the brackets didn’t make me worry or stress about anything because installation lasted merely 30-40 minutes.

Now let me share the benchmarks with you all that would prove whether this one is worth the chance or not. Oh, and I also had this Corsair H100 RGB in my store and found it is similar to the Castle 240EX, so why not compare it?

So I first tried the 50 DB normalised test, and the temperature for the 240EX was 60 degrees Celsius. At the same time, for the H100, it was 66 degrees Celsius. There is a considerable temperature difference among these CPU coolers, and I love this reduction.

Also, I tested the CPU cooler at 25% and 100% fan speed. So at 100% fan speed, the temperature reduced to 57 degrees Celsius, which is a huge accomplishment. While at 25% fan speed, the temperature was 60 degrees Celsius.

Even though the difference between the temperature of 25 to 100% fan speed is only 3 degrees, the noise at 100% was indeed unbearable. Many people would look for the decibels reading for this CPU cooler, so here I will tell you that it is 58 decibels here, and this is definitely some very loud CPU cooler here.

I personally think that if you can reduce your CPU temperature by considerable degrees without paying the same price for an H100i that has the same radiator as Castle 240 EX is awesome. I would definitely get the 240 EX if the noise was somehow bearable. Still, unfortunately, I don’t want a CPU cooler as loud as a fighter jet.


Considerable temperature drop

Easy to set up

Affordable 240mm CPU cooler

Easy to adjust fan curves


Very loud


The Deep Cool Castle 240EX cooler has an extravagant cooling system and aesthetic visuals, making it one of the best stylish CPU coolers. But do keep one thing in mind that the noise level you would get here is just annoying as hell.


Best compact CPU cooler


Brand: ID-Cooling | Cooling Method: Water | Material: Copper | Noise Level: 26.4 dB

Now, this CPU cooler is for all those followers who do not want to compromise a bit on the space and still want a good-performing CPU cooler. The Zoom flow 240X ARGB is one of the best compact CPU coolers for i5 9600k. Read on further to know whether this one is worth the hype or is just another fancy CPU cooler.

One thing I want to clarify about this CPU cooler is that it is a water-cooling CPU cooler. If you aren’t sure about getting a water-cooling CPU cooler, steer clear of this one. This cooler works using water to cool down your system. It has a maximum airflow of 62 CFM and is compatible with many modern Intel series.

This water-based cooler for i5 9600k comes with a spacious 240 mm radiator along with a pump. This provides the cooler to act efficiently and provides better heat and quick heat dissipation. In terms of colours, it has many options to choose from, but I went for that white build because I am planning to own a snow-themed PC build.

With two 120mm PWM fans, this cooler works as excellent heat dissipation by detecting a slight rise in the temperature. Not only this, but these fans also improve the airflow to provide you with an incredible cooling performance.

Additionally, the fan speed advertised is about 2100 RPM, and I will share further about them once I have them tested. Also, the noise level is mentioned to be 25 dB which I will test if it is correct or not through the benchmarks.

In the box, you will see a lot of mounting gear for different processors, including AMD and Intel. It also has this handy manual, which I guess is really easy to understand, and I will see whether it helps me install the CPU cooler.

A robust RGB on the pump and over the fans is one of the plus points of this cooler. You can easily sync these RGB with the motherboard. Or you can adjust them just to get in accordance with your system. It also has an RGB controller if your motherboard is non-RGB.

Best CPU cooler for i5 9600k

I did not have any issue with the installation process as it was simple, and the mounting gear and the manual made the process for me easier. Another thing I love for those users who want to build a clear CPU case is that this CPU cooler has some sturdy tubing that isn’t giving that messed-up look.

At first, I normalised the fan speed to 25%, and the temperature here of my i5 9600k was around 65 degrees Celsius. Next, I tried turning the fan speed to max and see how loud the fans get and what is the possible temperature reduction here. So, the temperature at maximum speed was 55 degrees Celsius. And the good thing here was that the fans remained dead silent; that is amazing!


Works well for overclocked systems

Effective temperature reduction

Low noise level

Slim fit design




I loved this cooler because of its slim-fit design; it took up much less space. However, I would suggest going for this one only if it’s up on sale because it is a bit expensive for an AIO cooler. Still, again the performance will be worth every penny.

Budget Pick

Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo CPU Cooler

Best CPU cooler for i5 9600k

Best Budget CPU Cooler for i5 9600k


Brand: Cooler Master | Cooling Method: Fan | Material: Aluminum | Noise Level: 36 dB

The wait is over, and I have brought the best overclock CPU cooler for core i5 9600k that you can have without breaking your bank balance. The CPU cooler here might be on a budget, but the quality is compromised in no way.

From its physical design, I learned that this CPU cooler has an awesome combination of aluminium fins and 4 direct contact heat pipes. This provides a perfect cooling effect over the system. Additionally, its compact size makes it easy to install in cramped spaces.

isThese a wide range of PWM fans coming towards the ans; it also has a unique wave-shaped blade design. I am hopeful that this outstanding design will further help to increase airflow and provide an excellent cooling system.

Moreover, as advertised, the fins will also provide a well-balanced operation and optimised speed. You can also alter the speed variations between high and low-speed operations. In the next few lines, I will share whether this one is worth the excitement.

The CDC technology (continuous, direct contact technology) has direct contact heat pipes that accelerate the surface-to-surface thermal transfer. The heat sink is made of aluminium, which helps the robust dissipation of heat.

Speaking of the installation, it was a little difficult. When mounting this cooler, you must be careful since your motherboard could suffer harm if you do it wrong.

Best CPU cooler for i5 9600k

Now comes the benchmark part; let’s begin our tests and trials to determine how well this cooler operates. My system gave a better temperature curve than the Hyper 212 Black when I first tested it with a 95W load.

The Hyper 212 EVO now operates at a significantly lower temperature than the Hyper 212 Black at 125W load. The 212 Black maintained a temperature of 78 degrees Celsius while the 212 EVO reached a temperature of less than 75 s.

However, the noise level must eventually be considered because the Hyper 212 EVO features a strong cooling system. The Hyper 212 Evo was now emitting up to 38 dB of noise. You may observe a significantly lower temperature than the Noctua NH-U12S if I compare the findings of our cooling system to those of that device.

However, I want to point out that the Noctua is a premium CPU cooler; therefore, it is in no way comparable to the Hyper 212 EVO. The 212 EVO delivers excellent performance but differs from other expensive coolers in several ways.

I adored how reasonably priced and effective the cooling was, but I hate how this one had to be installed. I actually cut my fingers while mounting this in my CPU in this instance.


No noise operation


Effective cooling

Excellent airflow


Somehow bulky measurements


It dissipates heat considerably more quickly than other typical CPU coolers thanks to the continuous, direct technology of the heated pipes. Be cautious when installing, though, as I slashed my fingers while mounting this one. Please measure the space available before buying any component, as I usually advise. I’m unsure if this cooler would fit in every system because it is somewhat bulky.


Best CPU cooler for Overclocking


Brand: ID-Cooling | Cooling Method: Water | Material: Copper | Noise Level: 35.2 dB

Here I have another ID-Cooling CPU cooler, the Auraflow X240 CPU. This water cooler is a perfect example of an affordable yet effective CPU cooler for i5 9600k. Made of copper, this water-based CPU cooler has a cool design and a quick heat dissipation technology. I consider it one of the best value CPU coolers for i5 9600k.

Equipped with a 240 mm radiator and a pair of 120 mm PWM fans, I guess this will make your system ice cold even on the heaviest duty days. You don’t have to worry about your system getting fired because this cooler solves all your overheating issues. The maximum airflow for these dual PWM fans is 74.5 CFM, and the noise level lies around 18-35.2 DB.

Another thing I notice here is the RGB lighting, which is just another bonus point with this cooler for CPU and makes it ‎ ‎the best CPU cooler for i5 9600 for overclocking. And the most fascinating thing about this RGB lightning is that it can be controlled. It is present on the pump and fan area, and you can easily adjust them to match the aesthetic of your pc.

In the installation part, I faced major problems like sticking this one at its position. Like, this thing is really beefy, and I don’t know how to adjust this one without having my pc jam-packed. Also, the wiring on this one is pretty messed up, and it took me ages to decide where to put them up.

Now let’s jump onto benchmarks, so I started testing my CPU cooler temperature with the stock cooler. Here the temperature obtained was 48 degrees Celsius while the system was running in control mode. Next, with the 240 installed, the temperature dropped to 42 degrees Celsius.

While playing Fortnite, the temperature remained 49-50 degrees Celsius. Then I ran a stress test and got a temperature of 60 degrees Celsius. This was a good range for me because the stock cooler couldn’t give me a temperature below 75 degrees Celsius. The noise level all this time was pretty inaudible; I am really happy about that.


Beautiful aesthetic

Robust cooling effect

Affordable AIO CPU cooler

Dead silent operation


Flimsy wiring

A bit thick for some builds


With so many features, including RGB, PWM fans, and an attractive price tag, it is the best CPU cooler for i5 9600K overclocking on my list. Besides the flimsy wiring and beefy thickness of this CPU cooler, I didn’t have any problem with this one as it cost less than the Zoom Flow 240 one.

Best Pick

be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4

Best Low Noise CPU Cooler


Brand: Be quiet! | Cooling Method: Fan | Material: Copper | Noise Level: 24.3dB

When you guys ask about a low-noise CPU cooler, it is obvious that I will mention the Be Quiet Dark Rock Pro 4. And guys, here the name says it all! This beast literally stays quiet while doing all the business. The dark rock pro 4 from the be quiet is actually one cooler that literally has zero noise but double the cooling power.

This is one of the best low-noise CPU coolers because it has inaudible two silent wings PWM fans. The design features advanced fluid dynamic bearings, smooth six poles, and airflow-optimised fan blades. All of these components provide high air pressure while making the system cool. And this is all because of its funnel-shaped air inlet with vibration-isolating elements on the heat sink.

It has an impressive rating of 250w TDP. This cooler works in silence for overclocked systems and intensive graphics applications. Therefore giving low temperature even when the system is performing at its peak.

The heat conduction is neutralised with 7 advanced technology 6 mm copper pipes. This maximises the heat conduction, and the specific texture over the fins helps the better circulation the hot air outward. It has about two aluminium heat sinks. When you get your hands on it, you will get to know it has 2 fans, but you can also install another one for better performance.

Now talking about the installation, guys, this one is pretty hard to install in your pc case. Let me first exaggerate the bridge this one comes with; it is the same as a clumsy ninja. Even if you give your 101% to this CPU cooler, you will still be unable to put it in place. I would advise you to be careful as I don’t want you guys to suffer any major loss.

Here I would advise the manufacturers to have the bridge permanently fixed onto this CPU cooler so we won’t have to go through this hassle in the future. Like, come on, guys, every sort of socket would need that bridge, then why isn’t it attached there permanently?

It has roughly seven cutting-edge 6 mm copper pipes and a copper heat sink. It has around two fans already, but if you want a completely effective performance, you may add another.

Now comes the time for benchmarking, which is genuine testing. The Be Quiet Dark Rock Pro 4 could hold my CPU at 53 degrees Celsius at 100 fan speeds when I ran a CPU benchmark for this. And as for the noise aspect, this CPU cooler is completely silent. I’m happy that there is no noise coming from the fans.

In conclusion, I recommend this CPU for practically everyone considering overclocking their system. This is where the dark rock pro 4 would function best because such systems are already popular. Now, I would advise choosing the Dark Rock 4 for systems that aren’t overclocked.


Best looking CPU cooler

Considerable temperature reduction

Whisper quiet

Low maintenance



Clumsy installation


Even though this is one of my most expensive selections, I will continue to indulge in it. The major justification for doing so is its exceptional longevity, completely silent operation, quick cooling capabilities, and reliable screwdriver. Be careful with the hardware because the installation procedure can occasionally be awkward.

Staff Pick

Cooler Master MasterAir Maker

Best high-end Fan CPU cooler


Brand: Cooler Master | Cooling Method: Fan | Material: Aluminum | Noise Level: 24 dB

If you love to purchase high-end components for your PC, then you would like the Cooler Master Masterair Maker 8. This CPU cooler here is hell expensive; however, at the same time, the performance you will get is premium. Because of this reason, I consider this one as the best high-end CPU cooler for i5 9600k.

In terms of features, I would like to say as it comes with a premium price tag, you can already expect it to have some high-end features too. The cooler’s advanced 3D vapour chamber offers an incredible cooling effect. It quickly dissipates heat and protects your essential components.

Additionally, the manufacturers have advertised the airflow to be around 66 CFM while the noise level is 24 dB. Moreover, they have also claimed that this CPU cooler has inaudible noise and is nothing like those air coolers that make annoying sounds.

In terms of heat pipes, it comes with 8 heat pipes that offer 250W TDP. With all these features, it also has a spacious heatsink that will help speed up the cooling process. To cater to your preferences, it has interchangeable top covers. You can alter it just according to the build-up of your CPU. Additionally, it comes with a special bracket design.

You can remove or adjust and even replace these fans easily. It easily supports both 140 mm and 120 mm fans. Installation was pretty straightforward, but there are some things that I want to discuss before suggesting you guys this one.

So this CPU cooler has a very odd placement of fans because the cooler remained a bit outside of the CPU case even though I had it installed perfectly. The next thing I would like to share is that I tried installing this CPU cooler when the motherboard and the setup weren’t built, so I guess this was easy.

However, I think installing this CPU cooler with a pre-built CPU would be a hassle indeed. Also, guys, this cooler is bully and heavy, and if it comes up at the top of the RAM slots, I guess it would give rise to some RAM clearance issues in some builds. Now here I would suggest measuring the components of your pc before making a purchase, as I always do.

Here is the time for our favourite part: looking at the benchmarks. I also have this Noctua D15 here, which somehow falls into the same category as the MasterAir Maker 8. In an idle state, the MasterAir Maker 8 gave me a temperature of 34 degrees Celsius. In comparison, the temperature remained near 70 degrees Celsius under average load.

For the same settings, the Noctua D15 at idle state had a temperature of 37 degrees Celsius. In comparison, under load, it was 70 degrees Celsius. Despite its high price, I didn’t see this one perform like the high-end ones, which was the most disappointing part for me. While for the noise part, it didn’t have any silent operation or the loudest. It remained between 35 to 45 decibels.

I didn’t have any issue with the performance. Still, guys, I would prefer a 240 or 280mm radiator CPU cooler at the same price this MasterAir Maker 8 comes with. Seriously, the price I am paying is insane, and I am still not getting the best performance; that is something to ponder.


Easy to install

Elegant design

Great for overclocking system

Solid build



RAM clearance issues


This CPU cooler is all you need to invest in if you want a fan cooler for your system and want to indulge in something high-end. The price does cover its incredible cooling features and effective heat dissipation. But guys, remember that this CPU cooler does come with RAM clearance issues, but if you have a spacious pc case, I would advise you to get this one for casual tasks.

Cryorig H7 Tower Cooler

Best heavy duty CPU cooler


Brand: Cryorig | Cooling Method: Air | Material: Aluminum | Noise Level: 14 dB

The Cryorig H7 is declared one of the best heavy-duty CPU coolers Under $40, and I will test whether this one will perform the best. First of all, I am going to talk about the features that actually amazed me. So, this CPU cooler has an innovative Hive Fin structure.

And this special design, I guess, will reduce turbulence and, at the same time, strengthen the durability of the fin stacks. This is one of the coolest innovations I have ever encountered with a CPU cooler.

First, I would make an announcement here that this one was just under $40, and I didn’t expect it to have that decent design. The box here has all the mounting gear you would need this CPU cooler to put in place.

And the installation is pretty simple because it comes with a heatsink pre-installed. Sadly I didn’t like the back plate because it is made of some metal; however, it is of PBT, and I guess it would perform well too.

The fans here are 120mm, and I am guessing these fins will help you in quick heat dissipation.
Additionally, according to the specs, the RPM here is in between 330 to 1600. Also, the advertised specs, the noise level here is 14 decibels which I guess would be true, but I can only reveal that when I go through the benchmarks.

Now let me share my favourite part, which is the benchmarks; so with the H7 at idle state, the temperature was 27 degrees Celsius; however, under load, it was 84 degrees Celsius. I also had this Ninja 4; here at idle, the temperature was 28 degrees Celsius, while it was 84 degrees Celsius under load.

Additionally, the noise here wasn’t annoying but was somehow bearable.

Overall I like the performance with this one, but I am disappointed that this won’t come with a lot of sockets for the modern-day processors.


Fairly easy to install

Fits perfectly

No noise



Incompatibility of sockets


Overall I am in love with this CPU cooler. It is fairly easy to install and can tackle almost anything you throw at it. Make sure you check the compatibility and size before purchasing this. Other than that, it is worth every penny of yours.


To sum it up, Intel Core i5 9600k is amongst the best processors Intel has ever worked on. Because of its powerful performance, it runs at high speed. It might need a cooler at times to keep it at that perfect temperature.

To have your processor’s full performance, consider going for a cooler for your CPU. Choosing one might not be a piece of cake, but with our guide to the 7 best CPU coolers for i5 9600k, you don’t have to worry. Here are my favourite picks if you aren’t sure which one to go for.

So order one now and let the game begin!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do I Need A Cooler For i5 9600k?

because the intel K series are the only intel CPUs that can actually be overclocked. overclocking generates a lot of heat in the system and to keep your system working the best it needs to dissipate the heat properly. therefore, a better cooling system works effectively to get rid of the excess of heat.

What Size Of Radiator Is Enough For i5 9600K?

usually a 240 mm radiator is more than enough for an i5 9600k processor. this radiator is able to keep your processor cool effectively. moreover, if you are not thinking of overclocking the system then consider going for a cooler having a 140W TDP or higher.

Can A Stock Cooler work for i5 9600k?

a stock cooler will be more than enough until you are doing light editing or gaming. however, if you are thinking to run some high-performance software or rendering 4K videos then a stock cooler wont be enough. in this case consider going for a liquid or air cooler.