Best Triple Monitor Stand

If you have a triple monitor setup and want a stand to hold them all, then worry not as we are here to help you out. Today we are going to give you a quick guide for which triple monitor stand to go for and what tips to consider before purchasing a best triple monitor stand.

a triple monitor stand is a great way to organize your work area and keep your monitors clean and safe. The stand has a sturdy construction and is easy to assemble. With the so many varieties available at the marketplace it might be a hectic task to decide which stand to go for? With our quick guide you don’t have to worry about anything.

Best Triple Monitor Stand At a Glance:

  1. MOUNT PRO Triple Monitor Desk Mount
  2. Mount-It! Triple Monitor Desk Mount
  3. MOUNTUP Triple Monitor Stand Mount
  4. VIVO Triple Monitor Stand
  5. ECHOGEAR Triple Monitor Desk Mount Stand
  6. Ergotech Triple LCD Monitor Stand
  7. HUANUO Triple Monitor Stand

Best Triple Monitor Stand You Can Buy Today

MOUNT PRO Triple Monitor Desk Mount

Best Triple Monitor Stand

Overall Best Triple Monitor Stand


Brand:Mount Pro | Material:Steel | Screen Size:13” to 27” | Max Load:17.6 lbs | Tilt Range:±90° | Swivel Range:±90° | Weight:15 lbs

Mount Pro’s triple monitor stand is the best choice for multiple monitors. It has a built-in adjustable tray to hold your three monitors at the same time. The stand is made of sturdy steel and weighs only 15 pounds. It also includes a set of four rubber feet to protect your floor surface from scratching. You can adjust the height from 2.5″ to 3.75″.

The tilt angle can range from 5° to 90°, while the swivel range is from 0° to 180°. This all-in-one triple monitor that is able to withhold 17.6 lbs max load capacity to ensure your monitors are safe and secure. The MOUNT PRO is built to last and features multiple mounting points to keep it stable on a desk, table or wall.


Easy to assemble

Comes with tools

Gives a tidy look

Able to withstand a lot of weight


Installation might require two men


The Mount Pro is one of the best triple monitor stands. It is versatile, can hold up to 17.6 pounds, and gives a neat looking design. Be careful while installing this one.

Mount-It! Triple Monitor Desk Mount

Best Triple Monitor Stand

Universal Triple Monitor Stand


Brand:Mount-It! | Material:Aluminium, Plastic, Steel | Screen Size:up to 32” | Max Load:15.4 lbs | Tilt Range:±90° | Swivel Range:±180° | Weight:10 lbs

Mount-It! Universal Triple Monitor Stand is designed specifically for mounting 3x 32” monitors or any other flat surface up to 15.4 pounds. This stand can be used to support screens of all sizes. It features a sturdy base, solid and easy to use design, and it’s compatible with most desktop computers.

You can tilt, swivel, and rotate the screen easily to find a comfortable viewing position. The base includes a cable management port to organize cables on your desk and hide them from view. The stand comes with two universal mounts. It includes three rubber feet for stability on any flooring material.

A magnetic surface is provided for convenient attachment. A quick and easy way to create a comfortable environment with three monitors. The Mount-It! is a simple yet flexible solution.


Strong build

Great price

Easy to assemble

Tidy cord management


Unattractive mount


The Mount-It! Triple Monitor Stand is the perfect choice for your three 32″ monitors. It’s great for those times when you need to share your desktop with more than one person, and the monitor stands are adjustable to any desk height.

MOUNTUP Triple Monitor Stand Mount

Best Triple Monitor Stand

Best Triple Monitor Stand Mid-Range


Brand:MountUp | Material:Aluminium, Plastic, Steel | Screen Size:27” | Max Load:17.6 lbs | Tilt Range:±35° | Swivel Range:±90° | Weight:15.8 lbs

If you need a sturdy monitor stand that is easy to set up and has good features, the MountUp stand is for you. This mid-range stand is made of high quality materials and is stable enough to hold up to 17.6 pounds of weight. The T-shaped aluminium frame can tilt up to 35 degrees forward or backward to ensure comfort when viewing your computer screen from all angles.

The swivel range is 90 degrees forward, backward, and right or left. It can also be used as a monitor shelf if you want to use your desk for another purpose. Besides the stand is just 15.8 lbs that is just way too light as compared to other stands.


Holds the monitor firmly

Sturdy build

Superb cable management

Good price


Not as high as advertised


The MountUp triple monitor stand is great for any PC or Mac computer user that needs a stable and sturdy display stand to keep their desktop organized. It will save you from spending money on other stands if your old one is falling apart and is not doing the job properly.

VIVO Triple Monitor Stand

Best Triple Monitor Stand

Best Triple Monitor Stand Freestanding


Brand:VIVO | Material:Alloy Steel | Screen Size:23” to 32” | Max Load:22 lbs | Tilt Range:±90° | Swivel Range:±360° | Weight:16.66 lbs

VIVO Triple Monitor Stand is an ideal monitor stand for computer enthusiasts. You can adjust the tilt of the stand and rotate it to meet your needs. The stand provides good support for multiple monitors. It’s perfect for use with any size screen from 23 to 32 inches, and it supports screens up to 22 pounds.

The monitor stand features a sturdy design that makes it easy to install and remove from its base. It also features an anti-tilt mechanism that helps prevent the screen from tilting off the back of your desk, keeping your eyes from getting strained.

This VIVO monitor stand provides a swivel angle of +/- 360° and a tilt range of +/- 90° for ultimate viewing flexibility. It measures 16.66 lbs and folds up for easy storage when not in use.


Decent build

Easy to mount

Built in cable management

Rock solid desk clamps


Heavy in weight


If you are looking for a heavy duty triple monitor stand then this VIVO Triple Monitor Stand is definitely what you need. This stand has a sturdy construction, which makes it really good for both home and office use. There’s no need to worry about the stand being unstable or falling off the desk.

ECHOGEAR Triple Monitor Desk Mount Stand

Best Triple Monitor Stand

Best Triple Monitor Stand 370 Degree Movement


Brand:ECHOGEAR | Material:Aluminium, Plastic, Steel | Screen Size:27” | Max Load:20 lbs | Tilt Range:±15° | Swivel Range:±360° | Weight:26 lbs

ECHOGEAR Triple Monitor Desk Mount Stand is the perfect mount for those with a variety of desk configurations and needs. ECOGEAR Triple Monitor Desk Mount Stand, best 3 monitors stand for triple monitor, is designed for computer users who need multiple monitors on their desk.

A heavy-duty and sturdy design, this mount is made from high-quality materials and is easy to install. It can hold up to 2x 27” monitors and 3x 22” monitors. It is made of aluminium and steel. The stand offers you 360 degree swivel and 15 degrees tilt. It also features a locking mechanism for added security. This stand comes in two sizes and three different colours.


Super solid

No loose fittings

Tidy look

Quick cable management




ECHOGEAR Triple Monitor Desk Mount Stand, best 3 monitors stand for triple monitor, is made of high-quality materials and sturdy enough for years of use. It also offers 360-degree swivel and 15-degree tilt.

Ergotech Triple LCD Monitor Stand

Best Triple Monitor Stand

Best Triple Monitor Stand Editor’s Choice


Brand:ERGOTECH | Material:Aluminium, Steel | Screen Size:27” | Max Load:25 lbs | Tilt Range:±20° | Swivel Range:±180° | Weight:26.7 lbs

This high-quality monitor stand is made of durable aluminium material and steel, making it easy to clean and long lasting. With an angle range of +/- 20°, you can adjust the position of your monitors as you like without any discomfort or strain on your neck.

Its large dimensions allow you to fit in multiple monitors at once, making it a practical choice for home or office use. The adjustable height allows you to choose how high to place your monitors, whether you need to stand up straight or not.

You can also adjust the distance between monitors. The weight capacity is 25 pounds. A large 3x 27″ monitor, and a keyboard tray can be mounted together or separately. A built-in cable management system keeps cables organized.


Adjustable set up

Solid construction

Holds firmly 

easy to assemble


Large base


The Ergotech triple monitor stand is easy to assemble and can be adjusted in height, angle and tilt. It holds your monitors tightly and is suitable for both home and office use.

HUANUO Triple Monitor Stand

Best Triple Monitor Stand

Best Triple Monitor Stand Durable Pick


Brand:HUANUO | Material:Aluminium, Plastic, Steel | Screen Size:13” to 24” | Max Load:22 lbs | Tilt Range:±90° | Swivel Range:±90° | Weight:13.02 lbs

HUANUO Triple Monitor Stand is a triple monitor stand which is made of durable material, allowing users to place it in any room and enjoy the best viewing experience. This monitor stand includes a maximum load capacity of 22 lbs, making it suitable for your heaviest monitor.

The aluminium shell design enables this monitor stand to be extremely lightweight (13.02 lbs). When you are done with your work, you can simply tilt the screen to its proper position for your convenience. Thanks to the tilt mechanism, you can adjust the viewing angle from -90°to 90°. Its compact design fits most monitors and allows you to enjoy a wider and better viewing experience.


Compact mounting stand

Versatile height adjustment

Firm grasp

Solid build


Adjustment needs time


Huanuo Triple Monitor Stand is the ultimate space-saving monitor stand. Perfect for both home and office use, this monitor stand will enhance your home entertainment. Simply install and enjoy.


Now you can make your working stand much more organized. with the best triple monitor stand you will be at ease to arrange all of your monitors at one place without any hassle. We have compiled some of the best Triple monitor stand that will work awesome for you. Besides make sure to follow the points mentioned here beforehand purchasing the best triple monitor stand.

So, order one now and say goodbye to that stacked up desk!

Factors To Consider Before Purchasing Best Triple Monitor Stand

When thinking about purchasing a triple monitor stand, there are few things to consider. If you’re looking to purchase a triple monitor stand, then you should keep these things in mind. 

Size Of The Monitor

You may have one 22 inch monitor, one 24 inch monitor, or even two 21 inch monitors. So, before you go out to buy a stand, know what size monitors you have. If you don’t have any monitors larger than 24 inches, then you can buy a triple monitor stand with two 21 inch monitors and one 24 inch monitor. In this case, you will have more space available. Next, you need to know what kind of stand you need.

Type Of The Stand

There are several types of stands, including: fixed height, adjustable height, and swivel. Fixed height stands are the most basic type. They have a specific height that they can be adjusted to. They usually require tools for the adjustment.

Adjustable height stands are similar to fixed height stands, except they have the option of raising or lowering their height. Swivel stands allow for more mobility. You can rotate them to a different position by using a knob. 


Once you have determined what kind of stand you need, you need to determine your budget. Some triple monitor stands are very expensive. If you have a limited budget, then you may want to consider buying a single monitor stand instead. Another option is to buy a dual monitor stand. If you have a limited budget, then you may want to stick with a dual monitor stand.

Available Space

Finally, you need to consider how much space you have available. If you have a large desk, then you can probably have a triple monitor stand on the desktop. But, if you have a small desk, you will need to purchase a stand that is portable. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Mount A Triple Monitor Stand?

You have to make sure to arrange the monitors so that their centrelines are aligned. Then carefully place the monitors on the stand so that their feet are touching the ground. Next, tighten the screws that came with the stand and place the power cord of each monitor into the appropriate outlet. 

Why To Go For A Triple Monitor Stand?

A triple monitor stand is perfect for anyone who wants to improve their work efficiency. By using a triple monitor stand, you can easily see everything that is happening on all of your monitors at once, which makes it easier to stay organized and focused on your work.

How Much Would Best Triple Monitor Stand Cost?

The answer to this depends on what kind of features you want from your triple monitor stand. Plus you can also look for budget picks and if you can afford it you can go for the high end one as well. Remember you get what you pay for!