Best Low Profile Graphic Cards (G.P.U) in 2023

I was never a fan of huge PC cases because, guys, let’s be honest, no one has these huge workplaces to accommodate a PC system that is high in profile. So, you all do know what I did last summer. I went up to the market and purchased myself a compact PC case. Gosh, as much as I was happy with the size because I never wanted to cram everything up at my work desk. My excitement was valid because my working desk had never been this much neat.

But wait here! I didn’t know that this excitement would be temporary. So as soon as I tried to order a graphics card for my low-profile PC case, I knew it wouldn’t fit any of these ordinary graphics cards. And that was obviously due to the compact size. I was literally disappointed and thought to purchase a new PC case.

But at the same time, a friend of mine told me to get a Low profile graphics card for my PC build, and until that, I didn’t even know that low-profile cards would ever exist. So, first of all, I measured my PC case and then instantly searched for them. Thanks to some of my friends who were generous enough to lend me their cards for testing out.

I will share with you all these Low-profile graphic cards in 2022, so you don’t have to go through whatever I did. I have tried and tested many of them, but below are some of the most favorite picks. So, without further ado, let’s dive deep into these topics.

Top Products:

Best Low Profile Graphic Cards Reviewed At a Glance:

  1. ZOTAC GeForce GT 1030
  2. Gigabyte Geforce GTX 1050
  3. Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1050 Ti

Best Low Profile Graphic Cards Reviewed

Best Pick

Msi Gaming Radeon Rx 560

Best AMD Low Profile GPU Overclocked


Brand: MSI | Memory Clock: 7000 MHz | Chipset: AMD Radeon RX 560 | Video Memory: 4GB GDDR5 | Memory Clock: 7000 MHz

MSI has been among some of the Ill-known manufacturers of the graphics card. Usually, you would see graphic cards with a two-fan design or even three in the high-end ones. Still, this one here has a single fan design, and that is just because it fits into the low-profile PC cases.

Another cool thing about this graphic card is that it is all of the metal yes; it is literally made up of metal, so there are no cheap plastics and an unlimited premium build, even at a trivial rate. Specs-wise it has this 4 GB VRAM, and not to forget, it has this modern memory technology of GDDR5.

AMD has used the Polaris 21 technology for the structure, which I think is much better than the previous versions. Additionally, it comes with 1024 stream processors to provide you with that top-notch, high-quality performance.

Let’s have this RX 560 compared with GT 1030 that I had somewhere in my cabinet. So first, I tried with 3D Mark Time Spy; at pre-sets, I got a graphic score of around 1155 with the RX 550. Now, the GT 1030’s score was 1088, which is not a huge difference but somehow noticeable.

Next, I tried playing PUBG over this one at a 1080p high setting, and the frame rate was quite impressive; it remained somewhere between 60-65 FPS. Last but not least, how can I forget testing my favorite game, which is the GTA 5.

So at the 1080p high setting, I achieved a frame rate of around 100-110 FPS, which is enough. Let me tell you an amazing thing about these single fan design cards that make them the best low-profile graphics card in 2022. Here is the thing these cards are tiny and compact; they tend to remain cool all of the time.

The temperature during all of these benchmarks I did was not too high; it was between 60-70 degrees Celsius, which is just awesome. Even if they aren’t cool and experience a temperature rise, their fan isn’t too loud to disturb or distract you while playing games.

Now let’s get to the odds. Even if the card can achieve some good 60 plus FPS while playing modern-day gaming, it cannot be used for 4K or 1440p gaming at a high setting. Considering the size, I am not surprised to learn about this. However, guys, this can still provide jam-pack entertainment, so what else do you want at this price.


Achieves up to 60 FPS at 1080p

Decent 1080p performance

Great overclocking potential



Not for high-detail gaming


If you want a GPU that is just ready to use out of the box for your gaming at 1080p with up to 60 FPS, then this is one of the best low-profile graphic cards on the market. Again, guys, if you are looking for 4K or 1440p results, I declare that this is not your pick.

EVGA GeForce GT 1030

Best Quiet Low Profile GPU


Brand: EVGA | Video Memory: 2GB GDDR5 | Chipset: NVIDIA | Memory Clock: 6008 MHz | Memory Clock: 6008 MHz

So, here is the GT 1030, and today I will show you how it is one of the still-working low-profile graphics cards in 2022. First of all, let’s look at its simple yet functional design. So it is this compact graphics card but without a fan.

Here you all might be thinking, if it doesn’t have a fan, how does the cooling on the one work? Or simply, it might get fried up while playing games. Okay, so the later one never happened anyways; the GPU here has this huge heatsink that helps it cool down effectively in no time.

To test whether this heatsink would be efficient enough to run the system at feasible temperatures, I will be going through a few benchmarks in the latter section, so keep reading for that. I like this GPU’s Plug and play design and had no issue getting it to work.

Another plus point about this card is that it is compatible with every system. Like you don’t need to purchase a separate power supply or any other stuff to have this card running. Now let’s jump into the Benchmarks that you all are waiting for.

I started with Fortnite at a Low pre-set 1080p setting; the average frame rate was 87 FPS which is quite okay. Next, I tried again benchmarking this GPU with the Star Wars Squadrons at a Low Pre-set. I was able to achieve an average frame rate of 54 FPS.

Now comes the time to reveal some of the benchmarks for the high-end games like Red Dead Redemption 2; even at the lowest settings, I got the frame rate of 27 FPS, which makes it obvious that this is not the GPU for ray tracing or high-end games.

Further, the clock speeds Are greatly affected by the temperature; as it was idle, the memory clock was 1700 MHz, while when the system reached that 82 degree Celsius temperature, the clock speed of the GPU dropped to 1544 MHz.

Now, if your GPU has good airflow, then there is nothing to worry about whether you would be able to have the system run cool. It is overall a decent option for those who want a 1080p gaming experience on a budget. Still, I won’t recommend having this one for triple-A title games like the Red Dead Redemption.

Even though you could play the games, the frame rate would not be great, and everything would just seem messed up, so it is better to avoid it altogether for that purpose.


Attractive price

Good for 1080p gaming

Passive cooler

Minimal profile


No 4k support


Overall I liked this GPU for two things. Firstly, it has a low profile, and secondly, the operation is very quiet. However, the memory is a bit insufficient, but it is all good if you are not going to use it for heavy gaming.

Staff Pick

ZOTAC GeForce GT 1030

Best Value Low Profile GPU


Brand: ZOTAC | Video Memory: 2GB GDDR5 | Chipset: NVIDIA | Memory Clock: 6000 MHz | Interface: PCI Express x16

The card here is another GT 1030 by the Zotac, and I will show you this card is one of the best value low profile graphics cards in 2022. So, it has this sleek design, and it also comes with this tiny fan. Even though it is a low-profile design, it has all the features you would generally expect with your ordinary graphics card.

Don’t let its small size fool you because this one here has a Pascal configuration and can do more than what you would expect. During various tests, I could hit around 1697 MHz even without overclocking. Temperature-wise it maintained a 60-64 degree Celsius temperature with that clock.

Talking about the Vram, it is not way too huge, but it is just what you would need to play those games at achievable frame rates of 60-65 FPS. And during this time, the card remained quiet as such; there was no usual disturbing noise.

Now coming towards the benchmarks so while playing GTA 5 at 1080p, I was able to fetch frame rates of 84 FPS. The next target was the Doom 2016 at 1080p with a medium setting, so the frame rates here were satisfactory as well, with 46 FPS.

Now, most of the low-profile cards would not be able to achieve good frame rates while playing Rise of the Tomb Raider; here, the frame rates Are somehow really good, with an average of 54 FPS.


Near-silent operation

Butter smooth 1080p gaming


4K video playback


Limited slots


If you are looking for a good GPU that is low in form factor, comes at a reasonable price, and is awesome for entry-level beginners. The Zotac GeForce GT 1030 must already be on your list. I was a bit disappointed about the number of slots, but how much can a low-profile GPU accommodate.

Gigabyte Geforce GTX 1050

Best Low Profile Gaming GPU


Brand: Gigabyte | Video Memory: 4GB GDDR5 | Chipset: NVIDIA | Memory Clock: 7008 MHz | Interface: PCI Express x8

As you know, I am a huge fan of overclocking, so here is my pick for the best overclocked low-profile GPU. This one might cost a bit, but your performance at this size and price is incredible. So, let’s start with the sleek design this one has.

Okay, so as it is a compact GPU, it has this single fan design and black matte appearance. Nothing too fancy or too bright with this one, just simple black outer and a single fan. I am not a fan of RGB and lighting, so I am quite satisfied with the build of this one, but if you need something flashy, this is not the one for you guys.

Okay, next, the heatsink is a bit limited, and I am afraid it won’t remain stable in terms of temperatures. Still, I will keep that for the later section and check that through benchmarks. The Gigabyte can support up to 4 display outputs.

These outputs include; dual-link DVI-D ports, two HDMI ports, and one Display port. Sounds so much for a compact GPU. Next, this GeForce 1050 comes ready to install. It is already overclocked from the factory, and the speed might range between 1328 MHz to 1442 MHz.

Okay, so now is the time that is our favorite time; Benchmarking. So, first of all, I am benchmarking GTX 1050 Ti playing Fortnite at 1080p here; I achieved good frame rates of up to 83 FPS. Next, I tried my hands over the Apex Legends, and here the frame rates remained between 70-72 FPS; that is pretty normal.

Lastly, I tried playing Call of Duty War Zone, and the results here are also good, with frame rates of 58-60 FPS. Now for the temperature part, I noticed it never got higher than 70-75 degrees Celsius; that is just awesome. While playing GTA 5, I achieved the highest frame rate of 110-120 FPS with a temperature of not more than 70 degrees Celsius.

Overall I love the gaming results with this one, and there is not a single fault that I would like to discuss here. So can it support 4K gaming? Unfortunately, the answer is no. This card won’t support 4K gaming, but you can connect your 4K monitor to have similar results.

Other than that, it runs quietly. I have had zero issues with the noise so far, and the operation is quiet. However, even though the GPU is low profile, many users have complained about its lengthy footprint, so make sure to know the exact measurements before making any purchase.


Supports 4K monitors

Remains under 70 degrees Celsius

Low power consumption

Supports 60 plus frame rates at 1080p


Lengthy footprint


Even though this is my favorite best low-profile GPU yet, it is a bit longer than other GPUs on the list. But that doesn’t limit its performance. Overall it’s just robust in dissipating heating, has a quiet operation and consumes less power. The GeForce 1050 ti is just awesome!

Budget Pick

Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1050 Ti

Best Low Profile GPU Under $200


Brand: ASUS | Video Memory: 2GB GDDR5 | Chipset: NVIDIA | Memory Clock: 1228 MHz | Interface: PCI Express x8

You are already aware of the high profile of GTX 1050. But what if you want the same performance as the Gigabyte GTX 1050 Ti but don’t have enough space? Then the GTX 1050 Ti Low profile will help you out. This one features a total of 4 gigs coming from GDDR5. SO guys, no worries about limited VRAM.

I have been through many cards here that are just perfect, but they have this single shortcoming of limited VRAM. And with so much powerful concept, it still uses just 75W energy, and its $197 price tag makes it one of the best Graphic cards under $200.

Because of its compact size, it can get along with any system. Its single fan design keeps the system cool by maintaining proper airflow. You can have this GPU for your mid-range gaming voyage because it costs less than $200, so you don’t have to get those high-end GPUs that are way too complex to configure.

This card can play all modern-day games, including Battlefield and many others. Even though at 1080p, I achieved some good frame rates of around 60 plus FPS, I will talk about that in detail later. Initially, the card has 3 video outputs; one DVI, one HDMI, and one display port 1.4, and I guess for a GPU that is way too compact, this amount of ports are enough.

After all, you are not going to plug in 4 or 5 monitors at once, and I think that is not possible anyways. So, let’s dive deep into the benchmarks and have a look at whether this card over here can perform up to the mark or not.

Let’s start with Battlefield I, so I turned the settings to Ultra Detail at 1080p. I achieved 40-45 FPS, while the temperature at this time remained from 50-60 degrees Celsius even though the GPU usage was 100%. Next, I tried my favorite, the one and only GTA 5 at Ultra Detail at 1080p. The frame rates here are about 70-72 FPS; here again, the temperature remained 60 degrees Celsius, and the GPU usage here was 99%.

I was very satisfied with this. Noise-wise, this wasn’t too loud; thankfully, it remains cool, and at the same time, it stays quiet as well.


Lots of VRAM

Remains cool

60 plus FPS with 1080p setting

Power saving


Not for heavy gaming


I am totally in love with this GPU and taking it home as it has this cool design and some excellent resolution. I repeat that this is not the 4K gaming card, but guys, when you can have a 4K monitor to play games with this one, there is no problem anymore, so just grab this one.


To summarize, a gaming PC is just a black box without a robust GPU. Getting a GPU no more means you have to get yourself a new case or upgrade it to a better one. You don’t have to compromise over space for installing decent GLUE because here, I have provided you with enough picks to choose from. With the low-profile GPUs available on the marketplace, you can have some of the best graphics without stacking up your system.

  1. If you are A huge fan of AMD, then the Msi Gaming Radeon Rx 560 is the best AMD low-profile GPU.
  2. Looking for a low-profile GPU that would cost you less than $200 and still work the best? Then the Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1050 Ti is the ‎best low-profile GPU under $200‎.
  3. Now, if you want to have the most of your GPU, ZOTAC GeForce GT 1030 Low Profile is the Best Value Low Profile GPU.

Hopefully, I have been successful in providing you enough options to choose from. So what are you waiting for? Get one of the best low-profile graphics cards and have the best out of your system!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Low Profile GPU Good For Gaming?

Yes, low profile GPU can work for a decent gaming session. However, it is advised to not use it for heavy-duty gaming. Because of the compact size and specs might not work well at intense gaming or rendering videos for longer.

Are Low Profile GPU Any Good?

Yes, low-profile GPUs are compact in size, making them good at maintaining airflow. Because these graphics cards are built for compact systems, it helps to dissipate hot air easily from the system.

Why Are Low Profile GPU A Bit Expensive?

A low-profile GPU can often be expensive because the system is built with considerable caution. The main goal of these low-profile GPUs is to not compromise over graphics even when the size is getting compact. So, in short, expecting a high performance in a smaller package is a whole lot harder task.