Best M2 Heatsink In 2023

It is not something new to install your M2 SSD card and forget about it, until it gets smoking hot and is fried up. M2 cards are known to perform at full throttle and because of this reason they are known to get hot more than often. However, with a good heatsink all of your problems will be solved.

Honestly I have never been so relieved than now after purchasing a heatsink for my M2 SSD card. Before getting the best one I have tried and tested some of the most effective heatsinks available in the market so you don’t have to. Below are some of the best M2 heatsinks that I have shortlisted for today’s article. So, let’s get started!

Top Products:

At a Glance:

  1. Thermalright M.2 Heatsink Cooler
  2. Sabrent M.2 2280 SSD Rocket Heatsink
  3. Ineo Aluminium M.2 2280 SSD Heatsink
  4. Micro Connectors M.2 SSD Heat Sink Kit
  5. Glotrends Universal M.2 SSD Heatsink
  6. MHQJRH M.2 2280 SSD Heatsink
  7. EKWB EK-M.2
  8. Thermal Grizzly M.2 SSD Cooler

Best M2 Heatsink You Can Buy Today

Thermalright M.2 Heatsink Cooler

Best M2 Heatsink

Best M2 Heatsink Compact Design


Brand:Thermalright | Material:Aluminium alloy | Dimensions:3.39 x 1.38 x 1.06 inches

The Thermalright M.2 Heatsink Cooler is the best compact design heatsink with the ability to dissipate heat from both sides of the motherboard. Its compact design offers great space savings compared to conventional heatsinks.

It also works well in applications where space is at a premium. The heatsink comes with mounting screws that are included. You do not need any additional hardware to install this cooler. The Thermalright M.2 Heatsink Cooler features a large surface area for fast heat dissipation.

The fan has a powerful design that is capable of efficiently dissipating heat. The Thermalright M.2 Heatsink Cooler is compatible with Intel, AMD, and VIA chipsets. The thermalright cooler m2 has a very unique and compact design which makes it one of the best heatsink cooling devices.

The Thermalright m2 cooler is the second generation thermalright cooler m2, it features improved heat dissipation performance and higher airflow efficiency than its predecessor. The thermalright m2 cooler comes with all the necessary accessories such as fan, mounting plate, screws, and stand. This product features the thermalright cooler m2 design and the thermalright cooler m2 material. 


Looks cool

Affordably priced

Super easy to install

Efficient cooling


Not for dual sided SSD


The Thermalright m2 heatsink cooler is one of the best heatsink coolers for its cost and quality. You can easily install this heatsink cooler in just a few minutes.

Sabrent M.2 2280 SSD Rocket Heatsink

Best M2 Heatsink

Powerful M2 Heatsink


Brand:Sabrent  | Material:Aluminium and Copper | Dimensions:3.1 x 1 x 0.9 inches

The Sabrent M.2 2280 SSD Rocket Heatsink provides the highest level of heat dissipation performance, while maintaining a compact footprint. It can also be used with any PCIe M.2 SSD up to 2280-pin, and is compatible with the new 2nd generation of NVMe-based SSDs with PCIe M.2 socket.

Powerful M2 Heatsink is designed specifically to cool the new generation of SSD’s. The 2280 series of M.2 SSDs require additional heat dissipation from the CPU heatsink because of their extreme power draw (up to 600W).

This heatsink is also compatible with other 2.5″ devices such as HDDs, optical drives, and DVD burners. Sabrent M.2 2280 SSD Rocket Heatsink is the most powerful M.2 2280 heatsink available in the market. It features large aluminium fins for excellent heat dissipation.

The fins are also coated with heat spreader, which ensures better heat dissipation. The M2 heatsink from Sabrent is an excellent example of how to create a heatsink that is powerful, yet easy to install and maintain.


Best quality

Effective cooling

Sturdy components

Fits without any issue


Screws are too short


The Sabrent M.2 2280 SSD Rocket Heatsink is one of the best heatsinks available in the market. With its powerful heatsink feature, you can use this heatsink with all the latest generation of SSDs.

Best Pick

Ineo Aluminium M.2 2280 SSD Heatsink

Best M2 Heatsink

Overall Best M2 Heatsink


Brand:Ineo | Material:Aluminium alloy | Dimensions:5.7 x 3.4 x 1.5 inches

Ineo Aluminium M.2 2280 is an All-aluminium heatsink that is made of the highest quality alloy in the industry. It features a unique heat pipe design that can spread heat over a wider area compared to any other heatsinks on the market.

It is ideal for small computer systems with a maximum CPU power output less than 60W. This heatsink is specially designed for ASUS ROG Gaming Motherboards and other high-performance systems with this M.2 form factor.

With its 5mm thick cooling fins and INEOS’s patented heat pipe technology, this heatsink will provide superior cooling performance. Its weight is almost zero, which means it is suitable for almost any type of computer. It also has a good thermal performance.

It doesn’t use any fan and doesn’t produce any noise while being used. With an incredible price/performance ratio, the Ineo heatsinks have quickly established themselves as the most efficient heatsinks available.

They are made from aluminium to be used for all kind of devices, from laptops to tablets. This heatsink is a great choice for both the PC enthusiast and the casual user who wants to install SSDs in their PCs.


Considerable temperature reduction

Solid build

Easy to install

Comes with all equipment




Ineo Aluminium M.2 2280 heatsink is made of the highest quality alloy which is suitable for small system, high-performance systems and low-power consumption systems.

Micro Connectors M.2 SSD Heat Sink Kit

Best M2 Heatsink

Versatile M2 Heatsink


Brand :MICRO CONNECTORS | Material:Aluminium alloy | Dimensions:2.76 x 0.39 x 0.87 inches

This kit can be used for any M2 or M2-2280 SSD (M.2. motherboard using the 2280/2280M/2280G/2280F standard form factor. It can also be used for all other smaller M.2 SSD form factors. This heatsink was specially designed for the latest PCIe Gen 3 SSD’s.

With its larger footprint and reduced surface area it provides great heat dissipation capacity. Its small profile makes it very easy to install on any M.2 slot in any system. It includes a mounting screw set to provide even better fitment.

If you want to buy more than one M.2 keys card, you can buy this heat sink set, which has two heatsinks with four heat pipes that can be used to cool both cards at the same time. The heatsink is very small in size, but it’s big on thermal performance.

The thermal pads work just like the pads used in traditional liquid cooling setups to transfer heat from the CPU/GPU to the heatsink. We’ve designed this heat sink to be versatile so you can choose the most suitable heatsink and connector size depending on the space available in your case or on the motherboard.


Efficient cooling


Fits almost everything

Nicely priced


Installation is a bit hassle


Micro Connectors M2 heatsink is an excellent choice for M.2 form factor systems where the space for the heatsink is limited.

Budget Pick

Glotrends Universal M.2 SSD Heatsink

Best M2 Heatsink

Best M2 Heatsink Budget Pick


Brand:Glotrends | Material:Aluminium alloy | Dimensions:2.76 x 0.87 x 0.12inches

If you are looking for the best M.2 heatsinks, there are several budget picks available. The best option may be the Glotrends Universal M.2 Heatsink. Glotrends is a great company with great quality products. If you are looking for the best price on M.2 heatsinks, the Universal Heatsink will be perfect for your needs.

Glotrends universal M.2 heatsinks are designed with the best performance in mind. They not only offer high heat dissipation rates, but also good thermal conductivity to provide excellent cooling performance with lower power consumption.

The heat spreader is made from the alloy material which has excellent resistance to high temperature and high-speed vibration, strong mechanical strength, excellent anti-corrosion performance, good electrical conductivity and heat conductivity.

The surface of the heatsink is coated by nickel, silver and black colour, so it can be widely used for laptop and PC cooling. The fins are easy to install on motherboards and provide better heat dissipation than other heatsinks in the same price.

The heatsink can also be used as a fan/cooling fan, which is ideal if you’re looking for quiet computing. It’s the perfect choice for budget-conscious PC builders, and its unique shape will make it stand out in a crowded case.


Pocket friendly

Easy to install

Efficient cooling

Good looking


Lacks a proper manual


The Glotrends Universal M.2 heatsink is an affordable yet powerful M.2 heatsink that is a great budget pick. While it doesn’t have any fancy features like liquid cooling or fancy fan blades, the heatsink is still an excellent heatsink.

MHQJRH M.2 2280 SSD Heatsink

Best Low Profile M2 Heatsink


Brand:MHQJRH | Material:Aluminium alloy | Dimensions:7.1 x 4.2 x 0.9 inches

M.2 2280 heatsink is built from high quality aluminium alloy. The heat sink provides enough thermal performance even for the latest 2nd generation Intel X299 motherboards. This low profile M.2 2280 heatsink is ideal for mini-ITX motherboards like MSI H310.

The heat sink supports Intel LGA 1151/1156 chipsets and all Sandy Bridge/Celeron/Core i3/i5/i7 processors with 2nd generation Haswell, Broadwell or Skylake CPUs. The MHQJRH M2-2280 heatsink is the best choice if you are looking for a low profile M.2 2280 heatsink.

It provides the perfect solution for mini ITX systems with space restrictions. This small heatsink with M2 2280 size can be used in computer cases with low profile. This heatsink features a powerful fan with 6cm blade to cool the CPU down quickly and efficiently.

This heatsink will not affect the airflow in the case and its low height makes it great to use in slim-chassis cases. This heatsink is designed with all aluminium alloys and has a thermal conductivity of up to 35 watts per centimetre at a low temperature of 30°C. This helps it dissipate heat efficiently from the motherboard. This heatsink is also available in silver plated.


Decent price

Efficient temperature drop

Easy to install

Solid build




M.2 2280 heatsink is made out of high quality aluminium alloy which gives it a solid and reliable performance. This heatsink provides a decent cooling performance and easy installation.

Staff Pick


Easy To Install M2 Heatsink


Brand:EKWB | Material:Aluminium alloy | Dimensions:3.94 x 3.94 x 0.79 inches

The EK-M.2 is a low profile heatsink designed for the AMD AM3 platform with Socket 1155. Its unique geometry allows for better heat dissipation while minimizing thermal contact between CPU, memory and motherboard components. The EK-M.2 has four large 120 mm copper heat pipes.

The heatsink EK-M.2 is a 2mm aluminium extrusion with two 8mm copper cold fins and one 10mm copper hot fin. The Easy to Install M2 Heatsink is a great heatsink for CPUs that require small cooling solution.

This cooler has a compact shape allowing it to fit almost any case. It comes with easy installation and its high performance ensures the CPU stays cool under load. The EK-M.2 series heatsinks are very easy to install, so it is ideal for customers with limited experience installing coolers.

The EK-M.2 heatsink uses a new cooling design and fan technology, which allows it to be equipped with either a 120 mm or 140 mm fan. The fans can be placed in both horizontal and vertical positions for optimal airflow.


Good quality material

Impressive temperature drop

No noise operation

Remains intact




The EK-M.2 is a good quality heatsink that provides an impressive drop in temperature and has minimal noise output. This heatsink works well in combination with any CPU fan. The price is reasonable for the quality offered.

Thermal Grizzly M.2 SSD Cooler

Slim M2 Heatsink


Brand:Thermal Grizzly | Material:Aluminium alloy | Dimensions:5.79 x 3.35 x 0.83 inches

With this thermal Grizzly M.2 Slim M2 Heatsink Cooling Kit you’ll get everything you need to upgrade your computer to the next level, including a slim heatsink, fan, thermal paste, and mounting screws. The slim design of this heatsink makes it perfect for both desktop and laptops.

Its thermal properties allow it to work in any kind of environment. It also comes with a fan. You can also purchase the fan separately. The Thermal Grizzly Slim M.2 heatsink can provide effective cooling for all of your M.2 SSD devices.

This slim heatsink is ideal for use with the Slim M.2 card by Thermal Grizzly, which can be found at our store.  The heatsink comes in a slim package (without the fan) with the fan installed, ready to install on your motherboard.

This slim fan cooler has a great cooling performance; it will keep your PC running cooler than without. It keeps heat away from the motherboard through the use of its patented Thermal Grizzly technology.


Remains stick at place

Easy to install

Best quality material

Fits almost everything




Thermal Grizzly Slim M.2 Heatsink is a great heatsink for your M.2 cards. This heatsink stays at the place and provides enough air flow to cool your device.


To sum it up, M2 SSD cards can be often very expensive, and because they have these tiny components in case of not getting properly cooled they might blow up. For this purpose a heatsink will serve enough purpose for cooling it up. I have provided some of the best heatsinks for M2 now the choice is yours which one to go for. Best of luck!

Things To Consider Before Buying Best M2 Heatsink

There is no definitive buying guide for purchasing an M2 heatsink, as the product can vary greatly in terms of price and performance. However, many factors to consider when purchasing an M2 heatsink include its weight, size, and features. 


The weight of an M2 heatsink can be a factor in deciding whether or not you should buy it. For example, if you plan on using the heatsink as a portable device then you might want to avoid heavy heatsinks. However, if you intend to use it in a fixed desktop computer then a heavier heatsink will provide better cooling performance. 


The size of an M2 heatsink will also be a factor in deciding whether or not you should purchase one. If your motherboard does not have a pre-existing M2 heat pipe, then you may want to avoid a heatsink that is too large.

Conversely, if you do have an existing M2 heat pipe, you may want to look for a larger heatsink. For example, a smaller heatsink might be more suitable for mobile devices than a larger heatsink. On the other hand, a larger heatsink will typically provide better cooling performance for desktop computers. 


There are many features to consider when purchasing an M2 heatsink. The most important thing to consider is how well it will fit into your computer. Will it fit directly on the M2 heat pipe? Will it fit directly on the motherboard? You should also consider the number of fins on the heatsink. This is a factor because the more fins the cooler has, the better the airflow is between the fins and the heat pipe.


The material of an M2 heatsink is another factor to consider when purchasing one. Most heatsinks are made of aluminium, but some are made of copper or plastic. Aluminium is typically lighter and cheaper than copper or plastic.

However, copper heatsinks are typically stronger and more durable than aluminium. If you intend to use your heatsink in a desktop computer, then you might want to avoid copper or plastic as they will increase the weight of the heatsink. On the other hand, if you plan on using the heatsink in a portable device then copper or plastic will be more suitable.

Fan Size

The larger the fan, the more air that can be pushed through the heatsink. However, a large fan may also increase the noise level of your computer. You should also consider how well the fan cools the heatsink. A large fan with poor airflow can actually reduce the cooling performance of the heatsink.


The mounting of an M2 heatsink is another factor to consider when purchasing one. The type of mounting used can affect the airflow around the heatsink. For example, a screw-down mounting system will typically provide better airflow than a clamping system.

You might also want to avoid a mounting system that requires tools, as this can make it difficult to replace the heatsink. On the other hand, if you intend to use the heatsink for desktop computers then you might want to avoid a mounting system that uses tools.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Would A Heatsink For M2 Cost?

An M2 heatsink would cost around $30-$60. The price can also depend on the model, size, and features of the heatsink. Make sure to purchase something mid-range that is able to last you for a good long time.

Do I Really Need An M2 Heatsink?

You definitely need an M2 heatsink because these drivers are mostly prone to overheating issues. To have them run for longer time you will need to purchase a good heatsink so they will not fry up any time sooner.

How Long Can M2 Heatsink Last? 

The lifespan of the M2 heatsink is typically around six months. This can vary based on a number of factors, including the ambient temperature in which the heatsink is stored and the amount of dust that builds up on it. The heatsink should be cleaned from time to time with an air blower, or by using canned air.