Best Corsair Fan For Radiator

Getting an AIO radiator in my system was the best decision of my life. However, I couldn’t have reduced temperatures even after getting a high-end radiator. After many thoughts and queries, a friend advised me to get robust static air pressure fans for my radiator to considerably decrease temperatures.

But guys, this decision wasn’t easy for me as hundreds of fans are available in the market, and choosing the best is kind of a hectic task. Then again, there is nothing to worry about when effective fans like the Corsair ones have.

After many tests and trials, I have compiled 6 of the best Corsair fan for a radiator. I have also penned the tips that helped me decide on the best corsair fan for radiator and answers to some of your commonly asked queries in this post.

Top Products:

Best Corsair Fan For Radiator at a Glance:

  1. Corsair ML120 Pro
  2. Corsair QL120 RGB
  3. Corsair HD140 RGB
  4. Corsair LL120 – RGB
  5. Corsair SP120 RGB Pro
  6. Corsair ML140

Best Corsair Fan For Radiator You Can Buy Today

Staff Pick

Corsair ML120 Pro

Corsair ML120 Pro
Corsair ML120 Pro (Image credit: gamingonpoint)

Best Value Corsair Fan For Radiator


Brand:Corsair | Voltage:13.2 V | Cooling Method:Fan | Noise Level:35 dB | Material:Rubber | Air Flow Capacity:75 CFM | Speed:2000 RPM

I will start my list of the top 7 best corsair fans for radiators with the Corsair ML120 Pro. Manufacturers have claimed that Corsair’s ML 120 is a fantastic budget cooler fan with strong, silent performance and an excellent noise-to-rpm ratio.

Additionally, according to the spec sheet, it delivers great airflow at very low RPMs for a quiet cooling solution that’s great for any build. It provides maximum airflow without compromising the noise level.

The good thing I found here is that the fan is compatible with most radiators with 120mm diameter. It comes in a compact, stylish and durable design. And I guess it would be entirely suitable for gaming PCs as well.

In terms of accessories and other physical things, the ML120 Pro features a rubber-coated motor for reliable performance over time. And I am hoping that this setup will also eliminate unnecessary vibrations while the fans are spinning.

Oh, and talking about the speed, the ML120 has a 3-speed fan (up-front, center, and high speed) with a large 75CFM rating that I guess will easily keep your radiator in comfort during the hottest summer days. The motor features the new 2-pin connector for PC-specific applications, which I had a bit of hassle arranging.

Moreover, the installation was pretty simple and didn’t require rocket science. However, the screws were missing in the box that the fan came with, but I had some extras with me at home, so I had zero issues about that.

Best Corsair Fan For Radiator

Now let’s quickly overlook the benchmarks, so with the ML120, I could get a temperature of 31 degrees Celsius. I performed the same test with the Be Quiet SW2, with a temperature of 33 degrees Celsius.
Talking about the noise, I didn’t do much but set these fans up at 1300 RPM. The noise wasn’t audible here, and I loved this thing with the ML120 Pro. Because of the affordable price tag, I didn’t expect this one to perform so well.


Performs best

Affordable price

Quiet performance

Solid fans


Wiring is complex


Corsair’s ML 120 is the best value Corsair fan for radiators with robust and silent performance and an excellent noise-to-rpm ratio. It delivers great airflow at very low RPMs for a quiet cooling solution that’s great for any build. I slightly disagree with the wiring solution; besides, it is a solid Corsair fan.

Corsair QL120 RGB

Best Corsair Fan For Radiator

Best High-End Corsair Fan For Radiator


Brand:Corsair | Voltage:13.2 V | Cooling Method:Air | Noise Level:26 dB | Material:Rubber | Air Flow Capacity:41.8 CFM | Speed:1500 RPM

As this is the post for some of the best Corsair fans for radiators out there so definitely my next is obviously another Corsair fan that is the QL120 RGB. Now, guys, this is some high-end Corsair fan not only because it comes with a premium price tag but also because of its unique aesthetics.

But guys, remember one thing you must never compromise over performance just because something looks fancy. Also, the QL120 would fit those users who are fond of building a fancy PC or mostly those transparent PC cases.

Corsair QL120 RGB is a complete cover radiator fan, having a unique shape with the RGB LEDs behind the blades. It can be used in a CPU tower and has a standard 140mm diameter mounting hole. Additionally, it is also compatible with Corsair Link, so you can set your preferred settings. 

Specifications have claimed that the fan can provide enough cooling even at high speed. Additionally, the fan can speed up to 1,500 RPM and push an air of up to 41.85 CFM. In terms of noise, the manufacturers have advertised it as 26 dB, and only time will tell whether this one will perform up to the mark or not.

As the name suggests, this one has 120mm fans having 34 addressable RGBs. Also, the vibration pads here are much bigger than other Corsair fans, ensuring that vibrations would be minimized to a considerable extent.

Best Corsair Fan For Radiator

One thing I love about the QL120 is the logo these fans have in the middle. This logo is in the form of brushed aluminum texture, and no matter on what side you place it in your pc case, you will have that proper placement of the Corsair logo.

Now, the installation was hectic for me here, and it gave me sore hands because these guys were a bit complex to put up on the radiator. The RGB pins here also created huge clutter, which I didn’t like as I am planning to build a straightforward PC setup.

After having this in my system while running it under load, I got some of the most considerable temperature reductions. Overall I am happy with how these fans are built; that helps in the quick dissipation of heat.

For the noise part, guys, I can claim that this is the dead silent Corsair fan available on the marketplace. It had no noise at half fan speed, while at full fan speed, it had this noticeable humming sound you would generally expect from fans at high speed.


Low noise level

Good quality material

Good looking RGB




Corsair QL120 RGB is one of the most interesting RGB fans I have seen on the market. It has a unique look and it does a good job of keeping your PC cool and quiet. It can be used in any type of case, but if you want a good cooling solution in a compact size, this fan is the way to go.

Corsair HD140 RGB

Best Corsair Fan For Radiator

Best Corsair Dual Sided Fan For Radiator


Brand:Corsair | Voltage:13.2 V | Cooling Method:Fan | Noise Level:28.6 dB | Material:Rubber, ABS | Air Flow Capacity:74 CFM | Speed:1350 RPM

If you want a dual-sided fan for your build, then the HD140 RGB is one of the best Corsair dual-sided fans for radiators out there. Additionally, one great thing about this product is that it will not make a lot of noise because of its low-profile fan blades, and the rubber is good and soft; at least, this is what I am guessing.

It has a powerful motor that keeps your CPU cool while running. The Corsair HD140 RGB is also compatible with all the top brands of liquid cooling solutions. It has a powerful speed control system that will let you set your desired speed. 

I also liked that this Corsair fan is perfect for building rigs that need multiple cooling devices. This is a small radiator cooler designed for 120mm radiator only. It comes with one 2.2v 120mm Corsair H100 PWM RGB LED Fan with a power rating of 3 W, and it’s controlled through a Corsair Link remote.

Best Corsair Fan For Radiator
Best Corsair Fan For Radiator

From the spec sheet, I found that the fans here have an airflow of 74 CFM and the noise level is 28.6 dB. Additionally, the PWM for these fans can range between 600-1350 PWM. Furthermore, the fans have a high static pressure that I am sure will aid in quick heat dissipation.

From the thin blades, you can guess it will not make any annoying vibration, noise, or turbulence. To back these claims, I will share some of the benchmarks here and let you know whether these fans are credible.

The temperature here with the HD140 was 71 degrees Celsius, even under load. While under the same heavy load, the HD120 performed much better at 60 degrees Celsius, which made me a bit concerned. 

Even though the operation with HD140 is still more silent than with HD120, it wasn’t robust. I am not willing to purchase this if it is not providing me some high-end cooling performance because I will pay a lot of bucks for this one.


Quietest Fan

Easy to install

Quality material

Durable build


Insufficient cooling as compared to other variations


The HD140 RGB is a good cooler for those who want a quiet and powerful fan. It’s effortless to install, has a low profile, and is dual-sided too. The quality is pretty good, but I’d recommend a different fan for more powerful computers. The Corsair HD140 RGB is great for those who want to invest in a flashy radiator cooler that provides a somewhat decent cooling profile.

Corsair LL120 – RGB

Best Corsair Fan For Radiator

Best Rated Corsair Fan For Radiator


Brand:Corsair | Voltage:13.2 V | Cooling Method:Fan | Noise Level:24.8 dB | Air Flow Capacity:43.25 CFM | Speed:1300 RPM

Corsair’s LL120 is a high-performance fan built with the latest technology to cool your gaming PC in style. Many PC users have awarded this one as the best-rated Corsair fan for radiator; however, only benchmarks would tell you whether it is worth a shot or not, so make sure to read this review until the end.

Okay, so the box I got has 3 fans and other necessary components for installing these fans. Also, here I will praise the rubber tubing these fans have; I am sure this will help resolve any turbulence.
For the installation part, I would say it was pretty straightforward.

Because all of the mounting gear was included in the box, I had no issue except one thing. The thing was that the fan curves were highly complex to adjust; after a lot of struggle, I was able to get the right fan curve. As a premium fan, I didn’t expect this problem!

Advertisers have mentioned the noise level at 24.8 dB and a speed range from 500 to 3000 RPM. These specifications make the LL120 a perfect replacement for your old stock fan.

Best Corsair Fan For Radiator

In terms of noise, I didn’t face any issues. Here I would be honest at first, when I didn’t know how to adjust the fan curve, the noise was unbearable. However, as soon as the fan curve was modified, the noise vanished instantly.

Now let’s get onto the benchmarks; I tried using Unigine Heaven Benchmark 4.0 at extreme pre-set. The LL120 was able to deliver a temperature of 75 degrees Celsius. In contrast, the GameMax Chroma Fans provide a temperature of 79 degrees Celsius. I got some really efficient drops in the temperature, which I was happy about.


Sturdy build

Quiet operation

Low noise

Efficient cooling



Complex fan curve adjustment


The Corsair LL120 will allow you to choose from five different LED lighting modes and also features the Corsair Link RGB lighting. All of these features are very easy to set up, but there’s a bummer here that adjusting the fan curve is a bit complex. Once you get past that learning curve, you will have the best of both worlds.

Budget Pick

Corsair SP120 RGB Pro

Best Corsair Fan For Radiator Under $20


Brand:Corsair | Voltage:13.2 V | Cooling Method:Air | Noise Level:26 dB | Air Flow Capacity:52 CFM | Speed:1400 RPM

Corsair SP120 RGB Pro is one of the best budget fans you can get. If you’re looking for a fan that delivers quality cooling performance for your gaming rig for under $20, look no further than the Corsair SP120 RGB Pro.

Additionally, from the spec sheet, I found that the SP120RGB is equipped with a high-performance 140 mm direct drive bearing, which spins at high speed of 1400 RPM for increased cooling efficiency.

Even though the SP120 is one of the best Corsair fans for radiators under $20 still, you can adjust the fan speed in a range from 800 to 1400 RPM to customize your system setup. It can be used with any radiator up to 3/4″ thick (18.6mm) and supports liquid coolers up to 120 mm in diameter.

Moreover, the SP120 is also easy to install and has a modular design. It features an all-new, patented PWM technology that lets you monitor and adjust its output voltage anytime.

But one thing I didn’t like about these fans was how they would get loud when the RPM was increased. Because of this reason, I won’t consider getting this one for my PC.

Talking about temperature, they have some decent cooling effects. One thing I liked about this one is that it has a temperature monitoring feature that I am a fan of. At idle, the temperature remained 62 degrees Celsius while under load; it was 72 degrees Celsius which I guess isn’t bad.


Efficient cooling

Easy to set up

Versatile RPM

Amazing airflow


Noisy fan


I think the SP120 RGB is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a fan that can be easily customized. With the Corsair Link software, you can get a custom profile that sets the fan speed to suit your needs. But guys, remember one thing that these fans are by no means some silent fans and are hell noisy.

Best Pick

Corsair ML140

Powerful Corsair Fan For Radiators Under $40


Brand:Corsair | Voltage:220 V | Cooling Method:Fan | Noise Level:35 dB | Air Flow Capacity:97 CFM | Speed:1600 RPM

Since many of my fellows loved the ML120, I thought, why not try the ML140 too? I guess the design with the Corsair ML140 works to cool your computer case by pushing cold air out the back of the case.

Before starting, let me give you a quick overview of the Corsair ML140 fan. So this is a high-performance 2-pin fan that offers a silent operation with an increased airflow of 97 CFM.

Moreover, the fan has been designed explicitly for high-temperature radiator applications; at least, this is what the manufacturers have claimed; however, only the benchmarks would reveal the truth about them.

The fan measures 14 x 10 x 5 cm and comes with mounting hardware. The Corsair ML140 Fan uses a powerful electric motor with high-performance blades to bring you great airflow.

Corsair Fan V2 is designed with the most powerful fans and cooling performance to deliver exceptional airflow for the best possible temperature reduction in CPU cooling and other components.

Furthermore, the Corsair ML140 is a powerful air cooling fan with a maximum speed of 1600 rpm. The fan is ideal for high heat applications, such as your computer, power supply, and even industrial cooling.
Now the installation process is straightforward and doesn’t require hard work.

While these are not expensive fans in the market, they are still pretty easy to install as they come with a lot of mounting gear.

Okay, so my system has an ambient temperature of 35 degrees Celsius. Under load with the ML140, the temperature was 66 degrees Celsius. Previously the temperature was 80 degrees Celsius, and this reduction in the temperature made me say yes to these fans.

ML140 are all fine and help to reduce a lot of temperatures, but one massive drawback of this fan is the buzzing noise that accompanies them. Other than that, they are just more than love.



Good airflow

Efficient cooling

High static fans


Buzzing noise


Honestly, the Corsair ML140 Fan performs well and provides efficient cooling, and I don’t have any issue with the cooling capacity. However, the annoying sound this one has is indeed unbearable. But then the performance is top-notch, and we can compromise a bit on noise.

Things To Consider Before Buying Best Corsair Fan For Radiator

Corsair is one of the leading manufacturer of computer fans. It offers high quality cooling fans, radiators and other peripherals. The company has been around for more than 10 years. Over the years, it has gained a lot of popularity among consumers.

This is due to the fact that it offers high-quality products at a reasonable price. There are different types of fans available in the market. They are available in different sizes, shapes and speeds. You can choose your fan according to the requirement. If you have an old radiator then you should consider buying the best Corsair fan for radiator.

Here are some of the things you need to consider before purchasing the best corsair fan for radiator


When you purchase the best Corsair fan for radiator, it should be of the right size. The size of the fan depends on the size of your radiator.  If the radiator is less than 80mm in diameter, then the fan should be 80mm or smaller in size.

If the radiator is 80mm or larger in diameter, then the fan should be 90mm or larger in size. Another factor that affects the noise level is the size of the fan. The larger the fan, the louder the noise it produces. You should look for a fan that has a diameter that is in accordance with the size of your radiator.

The next thing that you should consider is the noise level that your fan generates when it is running. You should look for a fan that makes little noise when it is running.


The colour of the fan is another important factor to consider. The fan is available in two colours; Black and White. The black fan has a matte finish. It is more durable, and can withstand a lot of heat. The white fan is a glossy finish. It is lighter, and has a better appearance.

The weight of the fan is also an important consideration. The design of the fan is an important consideration. The design should be aesthetically pleasing. The fan should also be easy to install. The design of the fan should not make it difficult for you to access the power source. It should also be easy to replace the fan when it is damaged. 


The speed of the fan determines the noise level of the fan. You should look for the fan that is not noisy. You should also make sure that the speed is in accordance with the requirements of your radiator. If you have a high-end radiator, then you can opt for the low-speed fans.

The high-speed fans will be of no use to you because they can overheat your radiator. If you are using low-speed fans, then you should make sure that your radiator can handle the heat. 


The amount of power needed to run the fan is a determining factor of the size of the fan. The bigger the fan, the higher the power consumption and the greater the noise level. It is advisable to go for a fan that has a low power consumption. The air intake is also a determining factor of the size of the fan. A fan with a large air intake will be able to suck in more air than a smaller one.


You should look for a fan that is made of high-quality material. A fan that is made of high-quality material will last for a long time. This will save you money in the long run. The materials used in the manufacture of fans are Aluminium, Plastic, Fiberglass, Steel, and Rubber.

Fan blade design

Blade design is another important consideration. There are two types of blade designs; Single and Double. The single-blade design consists of one blade only. The double-blade design has two blades.

Blade rotation direction

The direction in which the blades spin is also an important consideration. The rotation direction of the fan is either clockwise or counter-clockwise. The fan blades should be rotated in the same direction as the air flow. This will ensure that air is drawn in efficiently.


The amount of air that flows through the fan determines the efficiency of the fan. The higher the air flow, the better the performance of the fan. A fan with a high air flow will keep your system cool.


The mounting of the fan is another important factor to consider. You should look for a fan that is easy to mount. There are many different types of fans available in the market. You should look for a fan that is easy to install. The installation of a fan should be done by a professional. 


Level You should look for a fan that does not make any noise. A fan with no noise will allow you to use your computer without disturbing others.


The cost of a fan is an important consideration. You should look for a fan that is affordable. You should also check whether the fan is a good value for money.  


In all conscience, I have been a huge Corsair supporter. Corsair is a well-known company that offers high-quality and efficient products. Radiators are most often known to heat up quickly, and a good Corsair fan can be the best choice to have these radiators work up to the mark.

In this article, I have reviewed Corsair fans suitable for radiators. Besides, keep the fan’s size, material, and airflow before purchasing the corsair fans. Here are my favorite picks if you haven’t yet decided which is the best Corsair fan for a radiator.

  1. Get the Corsair SP120 RGB Pro if you just have $20 in your pocket, as it is one of the best Corsair fans for radiators under $20.
  2. If you are looking for a powerful Corsair radiator fan, get the Corsair ML140.
  3. Lastly, if you are someone who wants to make the most out of his money, then get the Corsair ML120 Pro as it is the best value Corsair fan for the radiator.

So what are you waiting for? Order one now and have that excellent system you have always looking for.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Does A Radiator Needs Fan? 

When a radiator is warm, the fluid inside it is at a higher temperature than the surrounding air. This difference in temperature causes a fan to create air movement around the radiator to help disperse the heat. Without a fan, the heat would build up and could potentially damage the radiator.

How Much Would A Corsair Fan For Radiator Cost?

A Corsair fan for a radiator would cost anywhere from $40 to $50. This is the price range that I’ve come across most often when researching this question. The cost of a radiator fan can vary quite a bit depending on how much the fan itself costs, what type of fan it is, and how many fans are needed to cool the radiator.

What To Look For In A Corsair Fan For Radiator?

The fan you choose for your radiator will depend on the size and type of radiator you have. You will need to consider the fan’s noise level, airflow, and compatibility with your system. The fan should also be compatible with the radiator and with your motherboard.