How To Check Health Of Graphic Card?

Have you been playing games but not able to enjoy them to the fullest? Does your monitor shows blank patches or lags while you are enjoying your favourite game? If yes then there are some probable chances that your graphics card is the one making the fuss.

Don’t panic we aren’t sure yet there can be other issues as well but for guiding you on how to check the health of your graphics card we are here to help you. To be sure that you graphics card is the culprit we came up with article to answer each and everything you might wanna know about the health of your graphic card.

By the end you will know how to identify a failing graphic card and how to check the graphic card for failure. So let’s get started!

How To Check Health Of Graphics Card?

How To Check Health Of Graphic Card?

Honestly there are a lot of ways you can check the health of your graphics card. But not every way might give you the authentic results. Fret not! We have compiled some of the best for how to check graphics card health that will give you some good results.

Inspection Of The Hardware

This is one of the main methods to get have a check on your graphics card health. If you have a graphics card problem, you should have to open the case of your graphics card, and look at the inside of it. The graphics card has its own board, memory, and chip.

This is a very good way to check if there is anything wrong with your graphics card. If you are having any problems with the graphics card, you should also check the motherboard for any damage. If the motherboard has been physically damaged or is not seated correctly, it may cause connection problems.

Check For The Cooling Fan

Cooling fan is the most important part of any graphics card. If your graphics card has bad cooling fan, it will not be a problem in the long run, but if you get a graphics card with good cooling fan, you can enjoy good performance for years to come. Remove the fans and check they are spinning accurately or not.

Moreover, make sure they are spinning freely and they don’t have that shaky feeling to them Because often fans might be shaky or clumsy therefore not able to cool off the graphics card properly and eventually deteriorating the health of the graphics card. You can try checking the fans by spinning it with your fingers. If the wings stop as soon as you spin it just consider this a bad health sign.

Check The Applied Thermal Paste

Check whether the thermal paste on your GPU is in good condition or not. Most of the time a worn out thermal paste might not let your GPU work in the best position possible.

There are chances that your GPU might not have thermal paste or it would have turned old with time. All of these signs are some of the major indicators of the health of your graphics card.

Try Some Load Tests

Now apart from hardware testing there is another way to how to check the health of your GPU is trying the load tests. And honestly this way is much more reliable than any other methods. Because it gives you estimated results through benchmarks so the results are not questionable and there is no doubt in that.

Load tests actually puts your GPU under stress and estimates the probable health for your graphics card. All you have to do is install any GPU stress test tool. Make sure you have tested all the hardware as to avoid any sort of overheating issues.

Now click the GPU stress test button and press the go button. At this stage your GPU fan will start to spin at higher rate and the results will be calculated in the software. From these findings you can speculate what is the health of your graphic card. Whether it is able to withstand pressure or not.

Does Graphic Cards Have Health?

How To Check Health Of Graphic Card?

Yes, graphics card do have health. Graphics card is the central piece of the computing world. A graphic card is responsible for processing all the data, and giving it to the monitor. So it is obvious that if a graphic card fails, you might be stuck with an unusable computer.

But what do you actually mean when you talk about graphic card health? What does the term “graphic card health” mean? The term “graphic card health” is not very specific. It means that there are issues with a graphic card.

The term is used by a lot of people when talking about a problem they have had with their graphics card. The issue could be hardware or software related. However, A graphics card last you for up to good 2 years and 3 years if you are lucky enough.

In this article we will talk about the different reasons why a graphic card might show unusual flashes. If you have recently bought a new monitor and, you have opened it only to find that it is not working, the fault could be in the graphics card.

Why Is It Important To Track The Health Of Your Graphics Card?

The gaming industry is a multi-billion dollar industry, and in some cases, the graphics card is the most expensive piece of hardware in your entire gaming computer. If you’re like me, you probably don’t want to shell out $300-plus for a graphics card only to find out a year later that your card is dying.

That’s why it’s so important to find out what’s really going on with your graphics card. Why Is It Important To Know If My Graphics Card Is Dying? One of the reasons that we track the health of our graphics cards is because they’re so expensive.

You’ll pay hundreds of dollars for a graphics card, and if you don’t take care of it, it can cost you thousands of dollars. And if your graphics card dies, then you’re out of luck because you can’t just buy another one until and unless you have a lot of money to spend.

How To Diagnose Graphics Card Health?

When your graphics card goes into a weird state, how do you know if it’s going to fail or not. In some cases, the graphics card will not fail right away. In fact, it will work for a few days or even a few weeks without any problems.

But then suddenly, it will stop working for whatever reason. It may cause your computer to freeze or crash, it may lead to weird problems, or it may just not work correctly. If this happens, you’ll need to get a replacement card as soon as possible.

It’s important that you have a backup plan in case the graphics card fails and you need to buy a new one. Below we have covered some of the most common signs that might indicate it’s the time for you to get a new graphics card and say goodbye to the old one.

Signs Your Graphics Card Is In A Good Health

Graphics cards usually last for a long time due to the high-end quality of the components they come with. Due to the high-end quality, they are also expensive and many people are not willing to replace them. It’s not always easy to tell how your graphics card is doing, but we have a few tips to help you with that.

If your graphics card has never shown any signs of heating up, and the benchmark tests have been given some of the top results then your graphics card is in the best possible health and there is nothing to worry about.

However, if your graphics card has failed benchmark testes then unfortunately your graphics card is the culprit. Below we have listed some of the most common signs how to check your GPU health is falling down.

Signs Of A Failing Graphics Card

We are going to explain each and every sign one by one and will tell you how they can contribute towards the failing of a graphics card.


Most common sign of graphics card failure is experiencing glitches while you are playing games or even performing any other task. If you are experiencing random glitching and freezing then that could be sign of damaged or dying graphics card.


Another most common sign of a graphic card’s deteriorating health might be the crashes you get to encounter while using your system. There are several types of crashes, but one of the most common is the freeze in the midst of gaming and the second is the screen freeze.

In the case of the system freeze, the whole system and all its components freeze. This happens because the computer tends to overload with a large number of processes, or because of the computer’s hardware, the PC components are not compatible with the gaming software, or because of a virus. The screen freeze is the most common one.

Annoying Fan Noise

This is one of the most common sign your graphics card is just not in the good health. A graphics card produces a lot of heat, and if the cooling system is not working properly, it will cause a lot of noise coming from it. In this case, the fan is spinning at a very high speed, across the limit.

To solve this problem, you can either try to adjust it to the lowest setting possible or replace your fan. The first option is more affordable but also more risky, because you are likely to damage it. The second option is to use an external fan, or even a small air conditioner to cool your computer.

How To Improve Graphics Card Health?

If your computer is over heating or you are getting fan errors, it could be that the GPU is failing. Most graphics cards have a thermal sensor built in. The signal from this sensor is used to monitor the GPU temperature and adjust the fan.

Some GPUs have an LED that indicates that the GPU is overheating and needs to be cooled. Cooler GPU temperatures allow for higher overclock settings. If you are getting fan errors, it could be that the GPU is failing. Also make sure you are have a proper check-up of your GPU.

Do not forget to clean out the vents and heat sinks in order to make your GPU last much longer. Besides, you can also underclock your GPU to make it last longer as well as reduce the overall noise of it. Additionally try to take care of your GPU even if it is not in use. As the components of the graphics card are very fragile it can wear out even under a slight impact.

What To Do If Your Graphics Card Is Dying?

Honestly there can be only two possibilities. weather you can buy a new GPU or you can repair it. Buying a new one might seem a pricey decision but that’s what you can do when the GPU is beyond repair. But if it is able to get repaired just work on it carefully.

However, keep in mind that this repairing might only last you for some good 2 years beside that it might not work out.


Summing it up here with a though that a GPU is the most important as well as expensive part of your CPU. To make it last longer you have to take care of all of its components and the hardware around it including the fans.

Hopefully we have answered every of your question regarding how to check health of graphic card. You can use the load tests to check the overall health of your GPU. It is one of the most reliable method giving you some of the most accurate results. Best of luck!