How To Set Up Your Desk Ergonomically For Working Or Gaming

Have you been sick of that cluttered working desk? Or are you sad because you can’t have enough space for a cup of coffee at your desk? If you have been tangled in a mess like this then we are here to rescue you out from every odd mess you have created on your desk! Today we are going to help you out for how to set up your desk ergonomically for working or gaming.

Being a workaholic or even an avid gamer comes at its own expense. Sometimes you have to pay in terms of sleepless nights and sometimes you have to completely get dissolved in your work leaving behind a messy working table to yourself. With our quick guide you won’t have to worry about anything. Today we will tell you all you need to do for having that tidy and neat working desk to yourself no we are not even kidding over this!

How To Set Up Your Desk Ergonomically For Working?

How To Set Up Your Desk Ergonomically For Working Or Gaming

When setting up your desk to work, there are a few key things to keep in mind:

  • Make sure your work surface is comfortable. A comfortable work surface will help you to be productive and avoid pain in your back, neck, and arms.
  • Keep the height of your monitor just below eye level, not too high or too low. You should be able to see the screen clearly without having to squint.
  • If you have the option, position your computer at eye level so that you can see the screen clearly. This helps to avoid having to lean over your keyboard. 
  • Make sure that you have adequate lighting in your work space. A desk lamp can be used to light up your work area. You can also get a ceiling mounted fluorescent lamp which will provide sufficient illumination to your work area.
  • Consider using an adjustable chair to ensure proper posture while you work. Sit comfortably, with your back and head straight and shoulders square. Rest your hands on your thighs or on the arms of the chair. Keep your feet flat on the floor. Maintain a neutral spine, without slouching. Avoid hunching forward or slumping.
  • Use a foot rest if you need one. This will help to keep your legs from cramping up while sitting in a prolonged position. The right desk and chair setup can make a big difference in your ability to focus and stay productive.

How To Set Up Your Desk Ergonomically For Gaming?

How To Set Up Your Desk Ergonomically For Working Or Gaming

If you are a gamer, you must be aware of the fact that gaming is an activity which requires concentration and focus. In order to keep your mind engaged in the game, you need to set up your desk ergonomically for gaming. You might think that setting up a desk for gaming is a big task but it isn’t. There are various ways you can set up your desk ergonomically for gaming. 

  • The first step would be to situate your desk at a suitable distance from the monitor. It is important to keep a healthy distance between the monitor and your head as this will prevent neck strain.
  • Make sure that you are sitting on an ergonomic chair which is comfortable to use and has the right height for your body. If you feel uncomfortable while sitting, you need to find a comfortable chair. If you are unable to find one, then it is best to get yourself a cushion that is ergonomically designed.
  • A desk lamp should be used to brighten up your work space. It is important that the desk lamp doesn’t obstruct your view of the screen. This will help you to concentrate on the game.
  • You should make sure that your desk is positioned at a height which is comfortable for your eyes. If you feel that you are looking down at your monitor, then it is best to raise the monitor to eye level.
  • Your desk should be large enough to accommodate all your accessories. You should also have an additional desk surface to work on when you are working on multiple projects simultaneously.
  • You should also place a cup holder on your desk so that you can save your coffee or tea without having to get up from your desk. Ensure that you have sufficient space on your desk to hold your laptop and mouse.
  • You should also make sure that your desk is free of any clutter so that it doesn’t distract you from concentrating on the game. 
  • The last thing which you need to keep in mind while setting up your desk ergonomically for gaming is that you shouldn’t have any distractions in the room. Make sure that there are no other people around to distract you from playing the game. 
  • A good way to keep your concentration intact would be to focus on the game for only a few minutes at a time. You should always play games in short bursts as it will help you to keep your mind engaged in the game. You should also take frequent breaks from gaming so that your body doesn’t become tired.

What Is Important To Have A Tidy Working Or Gaming Space?

For a tidy space you need to make sure that the space you are settling in has a good light ‎exposure. Besides the temperature must be maintained normal plus there must be no ‎noise policy. Researches across the world has indicated that when the light exposure at a ‎working or even gaming place is minimal, it tends to have an adverse effect on the ‎vision.

A good lightning must not be too bright nor too dim. It must be bright enough to ‎let you see the screen clearly. Also, the temperature must be not too cold not too warm. ‎A normal temperature will help you to maintain the working environment without ‎making you lethargic or sweaty.‎

Whether gaming or working you need to have your space organized and tidy. Just think about this scenario when you are working and you end up not finding your important document in the pile of papers on your desk. Frustrating right? Now, suppose you are searching for your favourite video game CD and you have just lost it in under the files on your working desk.

Nothing can be more frustrating than this Trust us. For this purpose it is really important to have a desk that is free of clutter. No matter you are gaming or working you need to resolve all the mess before you get to the work.

How To Maintain A Proper Posture While Gaming Or Working?

To maintain a proper posture while gaming or working, it is important to keep your head and neck relaxed. You should also keep your back muscles toned and your abdominal muscles tight. If you want to improve your posture while gaming, try the following tips.

1. Maintain The Neck Straight

It is important to keep your neck in a straight position. To do this, tilt your head forward until your forehead touches the top of your desk. In case your neck is not in a straight position, you can bend it slightly. However, if your neck is crooked, you will get neck pain and it will be hard for you to play games.

2. Relax Your Back Muscles

Here is the infographic that tells you how many people suffer from low back pain and computer vision syndrome

How To Set Up Your Desk Ergonomically For Working Or Gaming

The best way to keep your back muscles relaxed is to sit on a chair with good support. You can use a pillow or cushion for this purpose. If you are unable to sit in a chair, then you can place a small table on your back and lean against it. Do not sit in an uncomfortable position like sitting on the floor or leaning against a wall.

3. Relax Your Hands

It is important to keep your hands relaxed while you play games. When your hands are tense, your shoulders will become stiff and your head will also become stiff. To avoid this, you should keep your hands relaxed. You can place your hands on your thighs or on your knees.

Tips To Have A Good Time At Working Or Gaming

If you want to keep your body healthy, you need to ensure that you don’t sit too much. ‎You should also take frequent breaks from sitting at your desk. If you are planning to ‎play games for long hours, you should also make sure that you have a comfortable chair ‎and a desk lamp. Gone are the days when you had to play games or do some work while lying in front of the TV or computer while feet crossed. This is one of the most unhealthy habits ever.


Concluding here with a healthy thought that even though you might have a lot of work or even games to play but it must not be at the expense of your health. Follow the easy steps we have discussed in this article to set up your desk ergonomically for working or gaming. Hopefully we have answered every of your query. So, get up now and get your Jurassic sort work station back into shape.