Best PSU For RTX 3090

So I bought my wife this RTX 3090 last week, and it turned out that she had no reliable PSU to operate this beast. Obviously, the next thing for me was to search through the marketplace to get her the best of the best PSU for RTX 3090.

Now guys selecting a PSU for 3090 wasn’t a piece of cake; I had to look out for many important things. But guys, the performance I got, in the end, was worth the hassle. Long story short, if you are looking for a power supply that is specifically designed for the NVidia GeForce GTX 3090 graphics card, then I am here to rescue you all!

In this blog post, I will share 7 of the best PSUs for 3090. And yes, guys, every pick here has been tried and tested by me, so I can give you guys some honest reviews about it.
Before I share with you my favorite picks, let me give you some easy-peasy tricks to consider before purchasing a PSU for 3090. So, let’s dig them up!

Top Products:

Best PSU For RTX 3090 Reviewed At a Glance:

  1. Corsair RM750x
  2. Cooler Master MasterWatt 750
  3. Seasonic Prime TX-750
  4. Thermaltake Toughpower Power Supply
  5. ASUS ROG Thor 850 Power Supply
  6. Corsair RMX Series, RM850x,Power Supply
  7. Be quiet! BN642 Power Supply

Best PSU For RTX 3090 Reviewed

Corsair RM750x

Overall Best PSU For 3090


Brand: Corsair | Wattage: 750 | Design: Modular

Of course, I had to start my list with a Corsair product, and trust me, guys, they never disappoint me. If you have read other reviews on this site, you guys might know how the Corsair RM750x is my favorite all-time PSU because it is the overall best PSU for 3090.

The power supply didn’t cost me more than $90; still, the quality and finish are just like those high-end power supplies. If I have to give my honest opinion about the build and quality, I would say it’s 10/10 because there is nothing I would like to complain about here.

Additionally, I like how this PSU is all black. My wife loves black color, and for that reason, she was trying to build up a PC case that has everything black, and the Corsair RM750x in that field didn’t disappoint me.
The next thing is the installation part that we will discuss. The installation itself was as easy as a breeze.

Like my wife herself had this one installed in her PC case, and she told me that the process is a snap. I also liked how every port and cable that came with this PSU was clearly labeled.

Plus, the built-in quality for all the cables that came with this PSU was amazing. I like how the SATA cables had these multiple connectors, which made the chaining process much more manageable.

I liked how the RM750X design was modular; it actually gave me the option of adding any of the 5 Corsair wireless modules for the RM750X. Each module is unique and brings its own unique functionality and form factor.

Oh, and by the way, guys, this power supply is rated at 80 PLUS Platinum, which means it’s efficient, and the efficiency rating is not misleading. I know many of you might not care about that, but it was still an awesome thing for me as I am cutting down on energy.

For the test part, I tried playing games on this one and edited a few videos. During every task, the PSU gave a smooth performance. There were zero crashes, and that was what my main concern was because everyone hates it when your PC crashes during an important game.

Now let me share my experience with the noise part. So, guys, my wife already had this PSU which literally sounded like a fighter jet, and this time, I had planned to not torture her with that noise anymore.

Thankfully the RM750x gave me a near silent operation. Yes, I know it had this humming noise, but it wasn’t bad.

Finally, I am going to end the review for this RM750x with a note that if you want a PSU that literally has zero cons, then go for this. Like it had no issues; it ran smoothly and had no noise, and most importantly, it is modular, and oh wait, the price? That’s another fantastic thing about it, so grab it now!


Quiet PSU

Modular PSU

Quick installation

Durable build




Corsair’s RM750x PC power supply is a good unit. The wire management is easy and works well. There is no downside to this PSU, which is the best thing about it, and I can see myself going for it again and again!

Budget Pick

Cooler Master MasterWatt 750

Best PSU For 3090 Budget Pick


Brand: Cooler Master | Wattage: 750W | Design: Semi modular

I know the struggle behind building an affordable PC that simultaneously works like a beast. Even though I think the power supply is one thing you must spend on without thinking twice, I wanted to find a pick that would cost as low as $80.

The Cooler Master MasterWatt is one excellent best-budget PSU for 3090. It has its pros and cons, but the price is indeed competitive. And everyone out there searching for an entry-level PSU for their PC build, this is it!

In terms of appearance, I would like to talk about nothing much. It’s just that typical power supply with black color and nothing more. And guys, what else could be there on a power supply.

One thing that I didn’t like here was its semi-modular design. I mean, yes, it works well for gamers and power-hungry applications. However, guys, there is something about the semi-modular design that I don’t like. But hey, if previously you have been using a semi-modular PSU, this might work for you.

MasterWatt 750 power supply came with an 8-pin ATX cable and a modular SATA power cable. The motherboard power connector is located on the rear panel of the PSU. Everything was fine until I had to install this one.

Now, I had a very tough time installing this one, and this was all due to the thick cables that came along with this PSU. These cables were indeed a hassle to set up in my wife’s compact PC case. It literally took me about 5 hours to figure out how to manage all the cables in a neat and tidy manner.

The performance of this PSU was not top-notch, but it wasn’t low either. I would say it had this mid-tier performance, and guys, at this price point, you cannot complain about the running speed and other features.

Okay, so my wife is an overclocking enthusiast, so I had to test this PSU with RTX 3090 while the system was overclocked. Unfortunately, the performance was really poor.

The PSU crashed several times until I had to completely shut off the system and reset the system to factory defaults. And not only this, it turned a tad hot after being overclocked too, so overclocking with this PSU is a clear no-no, fellow!

For the noise part, it was all well when I didn’t overclock the system. There were no weird noises, even though I played Fortnite for hours. But then, as I overclocked it, the PSU made some strange swirling noise that was incredibly annoying. And I even asked my Reddit fam if I could fix them; they had been facing the same problem.

I would not say Cooler Master MasterWatt is not a suitable power supply. Instead, I recommend this one to everyone willing to play mid-tier games and perform the usual tasks using the RTX 3090. But if you are a severe overclocker, just stay away from this one!


Works well with 3090

Quiet PSU under average load


Comes with plenty of ports


Gets a bit hot at times

Not for overclockers


Overall the Cooler Master MasterWatt works well; you can easily pair it up along a 3090. However, bear in mind that it might, at times, get hot. Purchasing a good CPU cooler along might be a wise decision. Also, if you are an overclocker, avoid getting this one and look at another PSU on this list.

Seasonic Prime TX-750

Best PSU For 3090 High-End Pick


Brand: Seasonic | Wattage: 750W | Design: Modular

Here comes the well-known Seasonic Prime TX-750 as a premium power supply for 3090. Seasonic is unbeatable, and it is entirely silent on high-medium loads. I’ve been using it for almost two years with no problems.

The Seasonic power supply is the original. It employs high-quality Japanese capacitors, APFC MOSFETS from Germany, and Infineon from the United States. Now I’ll go over some of the additional characteristics of this PSU and why it’s one of the best power supplies available.

Numerous publications awarded Seasonic high grades for their fanless power supplies (which I had never heard of previously) and their power supplies with fans. Their efficiency and warranty were both outstanding. Why not enjoy it? Well, the price is a touch steep. You get what you pay for, right?

So, what do you get? A completely silent power supply! My computer’s old power supply was the loudest component. Still, I had no idea how loud it was until I installed the Seasonic. I no longer notice the alleged “electrical hum.”

I saw how much more efficient the vampire drain is than my old power supply, which I didn’t believe was a problem until I looked at it. When I wasn’t using the computer, I always turned the power supply switch off to save electricity.

Even when the computer was turned off, my old power supply required 3-4 watts. The Seasonic used less than half a watt when the computer was shut off, which was a huge benefit.

Now comes the poor side of this PSU, so first and foremost, I didn’t like the wires. I apologize, but they were really muscular and felt cheaply manufactured. Another flaw was that the cable was a little too short. But at this price range, with this fantastic performance, I can manage it.


Fully Modular

Customizable fans

Energy efficient

Top-notch quality


Flimsy cables


The Seasonic Prime TX-750 appeals to me due to its changeable fans and excellent performance. However, you need to exercise caution with the wires to avoid destroying them because they are exceedingly weak and somewhat beefy.

Thermaltake Toughpower Power Supply

Best Zero Fan PSU For 3090


Brand: Thermaltake | Wattage: 850W | Design: Full modular

Now the Thermaltake Toughpower power supply is one PSU I am definitely getting for my wife’s 3090 because it is literally whispered quiet. My wife’s previous PSU made weird noises that she used to complain about daily. Keep reading to know why Thermaltake is one of the best Zero Fan PSUs for 3090.

First of all, I would like to talk about the installation part. Thermaltake power supplies are usually easy to install, and there is no rocket science behind putting them up to work.

Oh, and yes, the logo is printed upside down, so if you mount it upside down, the logo would appear best. But as my wife’s PC case was not so huge, I didn’t do anything unusual even though I wanted to install it on the top but never mind.

Now my favorite part about this PSU was its design, it is entirely modular, and I guess that’s why the installation part wasn’t a hassle. If you want to avoid the hassle of arranging cables and ports, then a fully modular design would work best for you.

Next, I would appreciate the manufacturers’ quality of this power supply’s cables. Literally, the power cables with the Thermaltake Tough power are some of the best quality cables, and the length was standard too.

And guys, if you have a 3090 or 3080, this PSU would work well for you because it comes with three 8pin connectors. GPUs that mostly require 3 power connections would get along this PSU ideally.

Okay, one thing I always say is to measure a PC component before you purchase it. Now, this PSU did fit nicely into my wife’s compact PC case, but some mini PC cases might not be able to fit this PSU.

Performance was smooth, and there were no glitches, even under load. I tried playing games and ray tracing, but the results were amazing. Even the overclocked system was running well here.

Whisper quiet operation is the reason I got this power supply. It literally didn’t have any noise, guys, even under load after running it for hours and hours. Even after overclocking, the PSU remained calm and cool. Under turbo mode, the noise was audible, but then guys, it gives this awesome performance, so I am happy with it.

The PSU here is a bit expensive but gives out the best performance, so it is worth every penny. There is no drawback except one thing I would like to mention is that the cables were a bit sharp at the ends so be careful while handling it.


Energy efficient

Easy to install

Quiet PSU

Good performance


Sharp wires


The Thermaltake Toughpower GF1 is easy to install and delivers top performance. The installation is a breeze but be careful while handling the cables as they are sharp. But I think that is not a big issue; overall, it is a good one.

ASUS ROG Thor 850 Power Supply

Best PSU For Gaming


Brand: ASUS | Wattage: 850W | Design: Fully modular

Now, this pick was dedicated to my gaming fellows. ASUS ROG Thor 850 is the best power supply for gaming; it has some positive points and negative points that I came across after testing it. Keep on reading to know everything about this amazing PSU.

First, I would like to praise the aesthetics, because they were terrific! I don’t usually admire a PC component’s aesthetics because performance excites me the most. But I think the aesthetics here were actually a cherry on top.

The RGBA LEDs on this power supply are pretty responsive. The RGB cord is present, but I recommend connecting it before installing it. Of course, you don’t have to plug it in. Still, if you don’t, it will continually be red, and even though I have pretty flexible fingers, it was challenging to plug in.

Installation was a bit of a hassle, and I think it would have been easier if the cables were high quality. The wires that came with this power supply do not feel as high quality as the power supply itself, nor bend as much, but they look beautiful.

These cables are also quite long, especially considering my case is a mid-tower ATX case. These would most likely be easy-to-access components in total tower cases equipped with an eATX motherboard, eliminating the need for cable extensions.

This power supply includes everything you need to organize your cords and the hard drive power cable, which is the same as the fan power cable. Organizing it was okay but plugging it was actually a headache.

So, I tested this PSU with one of my wife’s favorite games, Roblox. I tried having this PSU run for about 8 hours and didn’t turn it off in between that time. During this whole time, the PSU was running smoothly, and zero crashes or glitches were reported.

The Thor 850 is a fully modular power supply; again, I love modular designs, and that’s why I loved this PSU. This PSU also has an 80 PLUS Bronze certified efficiency and the best possible thermal design to give you maximum performance and a whisper-quiet operation.

I mean, the fans here were actually silent. Even though it still has this 0 dB button, the fans had zero noise while they were running under load. With its high-quality design and efficient operation, this power supply will be an excellent choice for demanding computer users who love to play games.

For me, the braided cables were a drawback. They only provide one 24-pin connector, two PCIe slots, and two CPU sockets. This implies that none of your Molex, SATA, or additional PCIe wires are braided!! All you had to do, Asus, was braid a few extra cables.


Fully modular

Visually appealing

Rock solid quality

Easy to fit


Messy cable setup

Limited braided cables


Only go for the ASUS ROG Thor 850 if you can adequately manage the cable. It is a powerful PSU for every kind of graphics card, including 3090.

Staff Pick

Corsair RMX Series, RM850x,Power Supply

Best Full Modular Power Supply For 3090


Brand: Corsair | Wattage: 850W | Design: Modular

If you remember, I previously reviewed a brother of this RM850x, the RM750x. But many of you guys asked me to share some powerful picks from Corsair, so here is the RM850x, a powerful and best PSU for 3090, one of our editor’s choices.

It does look like your typical RM750x from the appearance. It has this exact color design but is much more powerful than its younger brother. And because of this, you can expect the performance to be top-notch.

I had a Corsair HX850 as my first modular power supply, so when it came time to assemble my Wife’s PC, I chose this RM850x variant. It was entirely modular, whisper quiet, not too huge, and had every connector you could want.

But what makes this machine unique is that it has TWO CPU connectors! So you may attach it to a motherboard through an 8 pin and 4pin CPU connector. If you’re serious about overclocking with an i9 or Ryzen 3900+, this is the PSU.

My only complaint was that the connections had a tough wrap near the plug ends. While I could still make a clean wire in a case, these silly rigid wraps restricted me from twisting or curling the cables such that they didn’t stick straight to the side for a couple inches before returning to being a standard cable.

Built-in cables are well-designed; SATA cables feature many ports on one cable, allowing for extremely simple chaining. However, for my wife, the non-labeled cables were sometimes tricky to locate on the PC.

I liked the modular design, which allowed me to upgrade as I went with all of the included cables. I tried to test and certify each cable in the series individually for quality and performance.

Of course, it is Corsair, so there were no crashes, glitches, or blackouts. And then the noise level was almost completely silent. Like it is not a dead silent PSU, the noise level was minimal, which I loved here.

This power supply fixed my problem with an underpowered video card. Modular connections are also appealing. It includes more than you will require. Unfortunately, it did not have the power connector for my DVD drive, which was disappointing. Still, I didn’t expect them to cover every setup.


Completely modular

Extremely quiet PSU

Works as intended with 3090

Powerful wattage


Installation is a bit tricky


Corsair has never left us disappointed. It has a decent wattage and a fully modular design. However, the installation is a bit tricky at first, but with the right help, it will be all okay.

Best Pick

Be quiet! BN642 Power Supply

Best PSU For 3090 Gaming


Brand: Be Quiet | Wattage:750W | Design: Modular

You guys might be thinking how I haven’t yet included the best pick on the list. So, here is one of the best PSUs for 3090, the Be Quiet BN642. If you guys have read other of my articles for power supplies, you would know that after Corsair’s, I am going to rely on one power supply, which is the Be Quiet ones.

So it had this black matte finish on the outside. It also came with a fan and lots of ports on one side. Overall the design wasn’t something that concerned me because this product is a total beast, very quiet, mighty, and at a reasonable price for the quality.

The installation was easy, but I guess some compact mini-cases would have difficulty adjusting this one. But then, I always advise you to measure the available space in your PC case before you purchase a PC component.

My only complaint is that it didn’t come with a cable to power the second graphics card like I had to purchase one separately. The cables that came with it all have two GPU hookups, so I’m left with a tie strap over excess cable inside my case, which completely defeats the idea of totally modular cables.

Another problem I encountered was a lack of product information. I shouldn’t have to look for information about the motherboard cable on the internet. Of course, I liked the design of this PSU.

And guys have guessed that It is a fully modular power supply unit with high-quality components. A built-in fan controller lets you fine-tune the airflow to fit your system needs. In contrast, the included cable management system will help keep your cables organized.

This is by far the greatest power supply I’ve ever found. It is really quiet and well-made. I generally use Seasonic, but I will definitely switch to this one from now on. If this power supply is quiet enough for me, it will be quiet enough for you. Simply buy it. Worth every penny and more.


Energy efficient

Gets along well with 3090

Zero noise level

Easy to install


Cables quality could be improved


Be Quiet Straight power works well; it is energy efficient and gets along 3090 way too well. We think the cable quality could be improved; other than that, it is a beast for gaming rigs.


The RTX 3090 is just the king of gaming rigs. It supplies some of the most real-life results that are worth dying for. Because of so much power, it needs to be fuelled up by a powerful PSU. Hopefully, this guide has helped you choose PSU for 3090. If you haven’t decided which one to go for, let me share my favourites:

  • Best Pick: Be quiet! BN642 Power Supply
  • Staff Pick: Corsair RMX Series, RM850x, Power Supply
  • Budget Pick: Cooler Master MasterWatt 750

Meanwhile, consider the PSU’s Wattage, budget, design, and energy efficiency before making any crucial purchase. Best of luck!

Factors To Consider Before Buying Best PSU For RTX 3090

Below are some of the key factors to consider beforehand purchasing a PSU for 3090.


An RTX 3090 requires a minimum of 700W at least to gear up the system. For this purpose it is important to check whether the PSU you are going to purchase supports the minimum wattage of at least 750W. Because you do not want to end up with a PSU that is just a black box and does nothing other than damaging your PC and its components so watch out for the wattage of your PSU


There are three kind of designs in a PSU. Firstly a modular one using which you can arrange all the cables according to your preferences and what you need the most. The second one is the non-modular design. It comes with a fixed kind of cables and you might not be able to change them according to your need.

While the third one that lies in between both of these is the semi modular PSU. It is sort 2in1 and works well for every kind of system. If you are a beginner we suggest you go for a modular or semi modular one.


The budget depends upon what you are capable of buying. However remember to not invest in something that is cheap yet doesn’t gives the best performance. Always look out for a PSU that is in mid-range price and is able to power up an RTX 3090 decently.

Energy Consumption

You don’t want yourself to end up with a PSU that increases your energy bills. If that is so then lookout for a PSU with at least 80 plus rating. this means that your PSU delivers a good power while consuming less energy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Wattage PSU Would Be Enough to Power An RTX 3090?

An RTX 3090 requires a minimum of 700 to 800 Watts to get started. Anything below 700W will not only lag the system but it will also make the components of the system go weak. There are some 100% chances that your PSU and system both will suffer if a lower wattage PSU is in use for 3090.

Is A 1000W PSU Adequate To Power A 3090?

Yes, a 1000W PSU works well with an RTX3090. However the minimum required is 700W so we recommend going for a 700 or 800 Wattage PSU. If you want to future proof your system then you can go for a 1000W PSU.

How Much Power Does The 3090 Consume?

The 3090 carries a TDP of 350W at least. For this reason it is able to consume about 450 Watt of power apart from other components. It is a beast card and performs to the fullest so it might get hot at times when sufficient power isn’t supplied.