Best PSU For RTX 3070

Getting yourself the most powerful RTX 3070 is good, but the real deal comes when choosing the best PSU. This is exactly what happened with me when last week my mum gifted me the 3070, and I had no power supply to let this beast turn on.

Because the RTX 3070 is a powerful graphics card, you need to back it up with a powerful power supply unit. If you are going through what I have been through lately, you don’t have to worry, as I got your back!

I have tried and tested a lot of PSUs, so you don’t have to try them. I have shortlisted some of the best PSU For 3070 below. Before digging them up, let me share some handy tips that made the decision for the best PSU for RTX 3070 easier for me.

Top Products:

Best PSU For RTX 3070 Reviewed At a Glance:

  1. Corsair RM750x
  2. EVGA SuperNOVA P2 750
  3. Thermaltake TOUGH POWER PF1
  4. Seasonic PRIME TX-750
  5. Corsair RM850x
  6. Seasonic SSR-600TL
  7. ASUS ROG Thor 850 Power Supply

Best PSU For RTX 3070 Reviewed

Best Pick

Corsair RM750x

Best Value PSU For RTX 3070


Brand:Corsair | Wattage:650W | Design:Modular

Of course, I had to start with a Corsair product; believe me, they never let me down. If you’ve read any of my other reviews on this site, you’ll know that the Corsair RM750x is my favorite all-time PSU because it’s the best PSU for the 3090.

The power supply didn’t cost me more than $90, yet it has the same quality and finish as high-end power supplies. If I had to give my honest assessment regarding the build and quality, I would give it a 10/10 because there is nothing I would like to change.

I really enjoy how this power supply is completely black. I love the color black; therefore, I was attempting to design a PC case with all black components, and the Corsair RM750x did not disappoint.

The installation process was as simple as a breeze. My wife, for example, had this one installed in her PC case and told me that the process was simple. I also appreciated how each connection and wire with this power supply was clearly labeled.

Furthermore, the built-in quality of all the cords that came with this PSU was excellent. I loved how the SATA cables included numerous connectors, making the chaining process easier.

I loved how the RM750X architecture was modular; it let me add any of the 5 Corsair wireless modules for the RM750X. Each module is distinct in terms of functionality and form factor.

Oh, and by the way, this power supply is 80 PLUS Platinum rated, which indicates it’s efficient, and the efficiency rating is not deceptive. Many of you don’t care, but it was still great for me because I’m trying to conserve energy.

I tried playing games on this one and editing a few videos for the test phase. The PSU performed flawlessly throughout each activity. There were no problems, which was my biggest concern because no one likes it when their computer crashes during an important game.

Now, let me tell you about my experience with loudness. So, guys, my wife already had this PSU that sounded like a fighter jet, and I had meant to stop torturing her with that noise this time. Fortunately, the RM750x operated almost silently. Yes, there was a buzzing noise, but it wasn’t too awful.

Finally, I’ll conclude this RM750x review by saying that if you want a PSU with no negatives, this is the one to get. It worked smoothly and quietly and, most significantly, is modular. Oh, and did I mention the price? That’s another wonderful feature, so get it today!


Completely quiet

Extremely modular

Easy to install

Decent PSU


Stiff cables


The Corsair RM650x works awesome. The design is modular and easy to install. The cables might seem a bit stiff at first but a bend here and there it will be alright.

The Cooler Master MasterWatt is the most affordable yet powerful PSU we have on the list. We weren’t able to find any cons about it and it instantly became our favourite.

EVGA SuperNOVA P2 750

best PSU for 3070

Powerful PSU For RTX 3070


Brand:EVGA | Wattage:750W | Design:Modular

Many of my readers have asked me to mention a powerful PSU. So, the EVGA SuperNova is one of the most powerful psy for 3070. I will share its own plus and negative points with you all.

EVGA is a world-renowned maker of high-quality power supplies. But, gentlemen, this exceptional performance comes at a premium expense. Still, in the end, I don’t believe we should ever compromise on a power supply.

So, I think EVGA is the all-time finest high-end and premium power supply for GTX 1080. Now, I am not claiming that it is one of the best power supplies available, but it does give some of the best performance that is well worth the money.

I previously used a power supply for my 1080, and it kept crashing. Dissatisfied with the performance of my power supply, I moved on to acquire the EVGA Supernova, and my gaming experience had been forever altered.

I could play Fortnite for two hours without crashing immediately after the replacement, which I had previously been unable to accomplish. After around 15-20 minutes, it would usually crash. The next day, I spent some time playing Subnautica, followed by Elite Dangerous. There were no blunders.

To begin, consider the overall aesthetic. The PSU has a black matt finish that I found intriguing at first. Furthermore, I believe the construction is solid and will last me a long time.

The length of the cords was the second characteristic I liked. Because this power supply is completely modular, the wires that come with it are absurdly long. And, as far as I know, they can outlast your PC casing.

Some users, however, may not have enough space to accommodate such long wires, which could be a disadvantage. Despite the length of the cords, the primary power supply cable is not as lengthy as I expected. Connecting the complete arrangement to the power source, for example, proved difficult and time-consuming.

Furthermore, I don’t believe any of you would need to go out and buy cables separately because they come with a lot of them. Furthermore, I liked how the cables were wrapped in a net.

Also, because everyone has access to cable labels, I doubt anyone would have trouble sorting them. I finished the entire setup in about two hours, and the fit and finish were great.

I next put it through a series of tests. I tried gaming over this one to see if it reported any errors. Surprisingly, there was no need to be upset.

Furthermore, no odd noises were emitted by the PSU during the procedure. The power supply typically makes a lot of noise. Still, this one was completely silent even while running at full capacity.

This power supply has only two small problems that I could find. One thing is that the power source cable and cord could have been a little longer and of higher quality. So, fellas, don’t skimp on your power supply. It’s an investment in your financial security and stability because you’ll have to replace it eventually.


Very quiet

Decent cable length

Packed with lots of power

Fully modular


A bit high profile

Short AC adapter


The EVGA SuperNOVA 750 is a quiet and powerful PSU. Everything about it is positive; however, the odd high profile might be a bit off for some. Better to take measures beforehand to order one.

Budget Pick

Thermaltake TOUGH POWER PF1

Best PSU For RTX 3070 RGB


Brand:Thermaltake | Wattage:650W | Design:Modular

If you have a limited budget, you guys don’t have to worry. The Thermaltake Toughpower PF1 is one of the best budget PSUs for 3070 that you guys will love.

I put many power supplies ranging in price from $80-$200 through their paces, and guess what? This is the Toughpower PF1 that I was in charge of. The deciding factor for me was AC ripple and noise. It produced the best results of the 10 units, suggesting that their marketing isn’t like to Be Quiet!

It was easy to install in an ATX mid-case, and the wires were long enough to reach everything I needed, even with my unusual cable management. It also has a simple power switch on the back.

Molex connectors are provided only to add to the confusion. Also, I despise the daisy chain since it always makes a mess when I see it. Finally, it lacks modularity. Despite the advertisement, dealing with this one made me like semi-modular designs even more after dealing with Molex connectors.

After a year of use, the power supply remained quiet and performed well. If you take anything away from my review, it is that it is a decent, well-established PSU.


Extremely quiet

Easy to install

Works well for gaming

Energy efficient




The Thermaltake Toughpower PF1 has a reasonable wattage and is supplied with various cables. The design is non-modular; it is simple to set up if you are not a newbie.

Staff Pick

Seasonic PRIME TX-750

Best PSU For RTX 3070 High-End


Brand:Seasonic | Wattage:750W | Design:Modular

A lot of my readers demand to share my personal choices. And I guess we as a team needs to know what could be the best choice that would work for everyone. I found the Seasonic Prime TX-750 as one of the best PSUs for the RTX 3070 staff’s choice.

The Seasonic power supply is the genuine article. It uses high-quality Japanese capacitors, German APFC MOSFETS, and American Infineon. Now I’ll go over some of this PSU’s other features and why it’s one of the greatest power supplies available.

Seasonic received great marks from numerous publications for their fanless power supplies (which I had never heard of before) and their power supplies with fans. Their efficiency and warranty were both exceptional. Why not have fun with it? Well, the pricing is a little high. You get what you pay for, don’t you?

So, what exactly do you get? An entirely silent power supply! The loudest component was my computer’s ancient power supply. Still, until I put the Seasonic, I had no idea how loud it was. I’m no longer aware of the purported “electrical hum.”

I noticed how much more efficient the vampire drain is than my old power supply, which I didn’t think was a problem until I examined it. To save electricity, I always turned off the computer’s power source when I wasn’t using it.

My old power supply demanded 3-4 watts even when the computer was switched off. When the computer was turned off, the Seasonic used less than half a watt, which was a big benefit.

The wires were the first thing that bothered me about this power supply. I’m sorry, but they were really muscular and felt poorly made. Another issue was that the cable was too short. But at this pricing and with this level of performance, I think I can pull it off.


Easy to install

Tons of wattage

Fully modular

Premium build-up



Flimsy cables


The Seasonic Prime TX-750 appeals to me because of its interchangeable fans and high performance. However, you must be careful not to break the wires because they are really weak and rather beefy.

Antec EA650G works all good but we did not like how it has this typical old fashioned looks it. Overall it is a good PSU at an affordable price.

Corsair RM850x

Best Mid-Range PSU For RTX 3070


Brand:Corsair | Wattage:750W | Design:Modular

If you don’t want to spend too much or too little on a PSU, get the Corsair RM850x, as it is one of the best mid-range PSUs for 3070.

If you recall, I previously evaluated the RM750x, the RM850x’s sibling. However, many of you asked me to share some powerful Corsair recommendations, so here is the RM850x, a powerful and finest PSU for 3070 and one of our editor’s picks.

From the outside, it appears to be a standard RM750x. It has the same color scheme as its younger sibling but is far more powerful. As a result, you may anticipate exceptional performance.

I had previously used a Corsair HX850 as my first modular power supply, so when it came time to build another PC, I went with this RM850x variation. It was completely modular, whisper quiet, not too big, and had every connector imaginable.

But what distinguishes this system is that it has TWO CPU connections! As a result, you can connect it to a motherboard through an 8pin and 4pin CPU connector. This power supply is for you if you’re serious about overclocking an i9 or Ryzen.

My only criticism was that the connections had a hard wrap near the plug ends. While I could still build a clean wire in a case, this stupid hard wrapping prevented me from twisting or curling the cables so that they didn’t stick straight to the side for a couple inches before returning to being a conventional cable.

Built-in cables are well-designed, whereas SATA cables include multiple ports on a single cable, allowing for exceptionally simple chaining. However, my wife sometimes found it difficult to identify the unlabeled cords on the PC.

I loved the modular design, allowing me to update as I went with all of the available cords. I attempted to independently test and certify each cable in the series for quality and performance.

Because it’s Corsair, there were no crashes, glitches, or blackouts. Then the noise level dropped almost totally. Although it is not a completely silent power supply, the noise level was low, which I appreciated.

This power supply solved my problem with a weak video card. Modular connections are appealing as well. It contains more than you will need. Unfortunately, it lacked the power connector for my DVD drive, a letdown. Still, I didn’t expect them to cover every possible configuration.



Low noise PSU

Fully modular

Easy to install

Durable build


Wires are a bit hassle to install


Corsair has never disappointed us. It has a reasonable wattage and fully modular construction. However, the installation is a little difficult at first, but with the correct assistance, everything will be fine.

Seasonic SSR-600TL

Quietest PSU For RTX 3070


Brand:Seasonic | Wattage:700W | Design:Modular

For serious gamers, you cannot go wrong with the Seasonic Focus GX-550. As it is Seasonic, you can expect this PSU to perform the best already.

Have you ever considered purchasing a completely silent power supply? Yes, such a power supply exists, called a fanless power supply. Seasonic is one of the greatest PSU manufacturers in the world, and it has also released a fanless PSU.

Many gamers and content makers consider the Seasonic SSR-600TL one of the quiet PSUs for the GTX 1080, also known as the power-hungry card. It has certain advantages and disadvantages, which we will explore later in this review.

This power supply has the same appearance as other power supplies. Because it is entirely black, it has a lot of poked holes that will help with ventilation.

It was simple to install; there was nothing complicated about it. I appreciated how light the unit was compared to the last one I had in my system. I dislike stuffing a lot of cables into a computer case, so I was relieved that I only needed a few power cables.

Furthermore, the wires were long enough to fit comfortably around the computer casing. Also, they were not flimsy and flexible, allowing me to bend or twist them wherever I wanted. Everything made sense because of the modular nature of this power supply.

I tried running his PSU under load for at least 4 hours while playing Roblox, and no strange noises were detected. However, I would not recommend this power supply for overclocking because it becomes hot under heavy load.


Silent PSU

High quality PSU

Rock solid build up

Decent wattage




The Seasonic Prime 600 is incredible. It is pricey, but its tremendous performance is well worth it. However, consider utilizing an aftermarket cooler with this one if you intend to overclock it.

ASUS ROG Thor 850 Power Supply

Best PSU For RTX 3070 Gaming


Brand:ARESGAME | Wattage:650W | Design:Non modular

Now, this pick is dedicated to those of my fellows who want to make the most of their money. The finest power supply for gaming is the ASUS ROG Thor 850; however, after testing it, I discovered its advantages and disadvantages. Read on to learn everything there is to know about this fantastic PSU.

I’d want to start off by praising the fantastic looks. The performance of a PC component thrills me more than its appearance most of the time. But I believe that this was enhanced by the aesthetics.

This power supply’s RGBA LEDs are quite responsive. Although the RGB cable is there, I recommend connecting it before placing it. Of course, you are not required to connect it. Still, if you don’t, it will remain red, and even though I have somewhat flexible fingers, it was difficult to plug in.

Installation was a little difficult, and I believe it would have been easier if the wires were of higher quality. The cables that came with this power supply are not as high quality as the power supply itself, nor do they bend as much, but they look lovely.

These cables are also rather long, particularly given that my system is a mid-tower ATX chassis. These would most likely be easily accessible components in entire tower cases outfitted with an eATX motherboard, removing the need for cable extensions.

This power supply comes with everything you need to manage your connections, the hard drive power cable and the fan power wire. It was fine to organize it, but plugging it was a pain.

So I put this PSU through its paces using one of my favorite games, Roblox. I tried running this power supply for around 8 hours without turning it off. Throughout this time, the PSU performed flawlessly, with no crashes or malfunctions observed.

Fully modular power supplies are my favorite designs, and the Thor 850 PSU is no exception. This PSU also features an efficiency rating of 80 PLUS Bronze and the optimum thermal design to provide you with the finest performance and the quietest operation possible.

The fans here were actually quiet, I mean. The fans made no noise while operating under load, even though there is still a 0 dB button on the device. This power supply will be a great option for demanding computer users who enjoy playing games thanks to its high-quality construction and effective functioning.

The braided cables were a detriment to me. They only offer two PCIe slots, two CPU sockets, and one 24-pin connector. This suggests that neither your Molex nor any additional PCIe or SATA wires is braided. You only needed to braid a few extra cords, Asus.


Undetectable noise

Extremely easy to install

Affordable price

Good wattage for gaming


Limited cables

Messy setup


Only purchase the ASUS ROG Thor 850 if you have the necessary management skills for the cable assembly. It is a strong PSU that can power any graphics card, including the 3070.


To summarize, a 3070 is one of the most robust graphics cards in the marketplace for quenching gamers’ thirst. Not only gamers but editors and content creators are also in love with this GPU. To have your 3070 work like a beast, purchase a powerful PSU for it. To make the process easier, I have compiled some of the best PSUs for 3070. Here are my personal favorites.

  1. Best Pick: Corsair RM750x
  2. Staff Pick: Seasonic PRIME TX-750
  3. Budget Pick: Thermaltake TOUGH POWER PF1

However, keep in mind the PSU’s wattage, design, and efficiency rate before making any purchase. Best of luck!

Factors To Consider Before Buying Best PSU For RTX 3070

Here are few things to consider before purchasing the best PSU for RTX 3070.


Before purchasing a PSU always remember to have a look at your system’s component. As you don’t want to end up with a PSU that is not going to supply enough power to your system carefully look out for the wattage required to run your system. For example an RTX 3070 requires a PSU of at least 650W. Anything less than that would not let your system work efficiently. Always remember if a wattage is higher or lower that the actual required limit then it might damage the components of your system.


You can look for modular or semi modular designs PSU because they are convenient and you can easily arrange them accordingly to your preferences. However, if you are not a beginner and you have a basic idea of how to arrange cords then you can go for a non-modular design as well. A modular design PSU is much versatile and can work the best in any kind of circumstances.

Energy Efficiency

Remember to look out for PSU that are efficient on energy. You don’t want to invest in something that powers up your system but consumes way too much energy. For this purpose look out for the an 80 or 90 plus rating for energy saving.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Wattage PSU Is Good For RTX 3070?  

The recommended wattage for a PSU for RTX 3070 by NVIDIA is 650 Watts. This is the minimum you would need to power up your 3070. For better performance you can even opt for a 750W PSU.

Is It Good To Go For A Cheap PSU For RTX 3070?

Always remember to see through the quality of a PSU. However, do not end up investing in a PSU that was on sale. Often you may end up buying trash at cheaper sale price. Look out for good quality at a reasonable price.

When Should I Consider Changing The PSU For RTX 3070?

A decent PSU is able to last for good 5 years. However, this lifespan largely depends upon your way of taking care of your PSU. If a PSU is properly taken care of and is maintained from time to time it can last more than 5 years. And if not then it might not even last for up to 3 years.