Gaming Keyboard Vs Normal Keyboard

Are you thinking to purchase a keyboard for your new gaming rig? If yes, then our article about gaming keyboard Vs normal keyboard is all you need to read out. In this article we are going to give you each and every detail regarding the usual keyboards and gaming keyboards.

We are going to break each and every information into small sections so it would be easier for you to understand. With so many varieties of keyboards in the market you might not be able to choose the one that suits best for you.

Our guide will give you a complete information on different types of keyboards and how are they useful in different ways. So, first let’s get started with the type of keyboards available.

Gaming Keyboard Vs Normal Keyboard: What Is The Difference?

A normal keyboard has a keyboard layout that is designed for standard computer use. A gaming keyboard, on the other hand, is specifically designed for gaming and has additional features, such as extra arrow keys, WASD keys, and a number pad.

Gaming Keyboard Vs Normal Keyboard

Both types of keyboards are very useful in their own right, but there are differences between them. Let’s look at some of the most important ones.

Arrow Keys

The arrow keys on a normal keyboard are used to navigate through text and files. For instance, if you type “home” and press enter, it will bring you back to the top of your document. If you type “up”, it will bring you to the previous line in the document.

Gaming Keyboard Vs Normal Keyboard

This is what you need to know for the everyday use of a keyboard. However, if you want to play games, these arrows don’t work for that. There are different ways to get around this, but we’ll talk about those later. The most obvious solution is to use a gaming keyboard with extra arrow keys.

These keys are used for navigation in games and are often referred to as WASD keys. They can also be programmed to do other functions, such as change the volume or increase/decrease brightness.


Gaming Keyboard Vs Normal Keyboard

Another key difference between a normal keyboard and a gaming keyboard is the number pad. The number pad has dedicated buttons that allow you to quickly input numbers instead of using your finger to scroll through the number keys on the main board. 

What Type Of Keyboards Are Available In The Market?

There are many types of keyboards available in the market, each with its own unique features and capabilities. Most generally they can be divided into two categories mechanical and membrane keyboards. Mechanical keyboards have a mechanical switch that is used to create the keys.

Gaming Keyboard Vs Normal Keyboard

These switches are made from different materials like aluminium, steel, brass, and plastic. Membrane keyboards use layers of rubber or silicone to make the keys, which is why they are called membrane keyboards.

The main difference between these two categories is that mechanical keyboards have more keys than membrane keyboards. Also, mechanical keyboards have a much longer lifespan than membrane keyboards. 

Which Keyboard Is Good For Gaming? Mechanical Or Membrane?

What kind of keyboard you go for is a personal choice and might depend on everyone’s specific choice. One might like to have a membrane keyboard because of how it feels like. But if you are an avid gamer then there are chances you might love the mechanical one as it has a lot of keys to offer.

A mechanical keyboard is typically better for gaming because they have more key coverage and are more responsive. Membrane keyboards are better for typing because of their soft touch and quick response time. 

What Are The Special Things About A Gaming Keyboard?

There are many special things about a gaming keyboard that make it perfect for gaming. Here we will be discussing each of the features one by one briefly. 

Stable Performance 

A gaming keyboard has a stable performance because it has a responsive key design and premium materials. This ensures that the keyboard responds quickly and accurately to your commands. Additionally, the layout of the keys is designed to provide you with a comfortable and efficient gaming experience.


A gaming keyboard is designed with specific features in mind to make gaming more enjoyable. You might often find these keyboards as expensive. Some budget picks are also available but overall they are price high.

However they are able to withstand long hours of gaming without distracting you. You don’t have to pay hefty of bucks every now and then, a good one will be able to last for years.


One of the most important features is that a gaming keyboard has a backlight that allows you to see the keys in the dark. This is especially important if you are playing a game in a dark room.  It can be turned on or off easily and is easy to adjust brightness.

Gaming Keyboard Vs Normal Keyboard

Most of these keyboards come with multiple brightness levels, so you can choose the right one for your needs.

Response Time

The response time of gaming keyboards is generally very fast, because they have faster response times than regular keyboards. Gaming keyboards usually have a response time that is less than 50 milliseconds. That means that the keyboard reacts within half a second to any key press.

If you use a gaming keyboard, it is important to remember that you can get tired from your fingers hitting the keys too hard.

Mechanical Keys

Mechanical keys allow for a more responsive gaming experience. They are also quieter than traditional keyboards, which can help to keep you focused during gameplay. 

Programmable Macro Keys

 A Programmable Macro Key is a special key on a gaming keyboard that allows the user to bind different commands to it, making it easier to perform specific actions in games.

This is especially helpful for players who frequently perform complex actions in games, such as jumping, shooting, and moving around the map quickly.

what does Software do in gaming keyboards

In gaming keyboards, software can do a variety of things, such as registering macros or setting up profiles. Additionally, software can provide helpful features, such as telling users how many hours they’ve spent gaming, or providing statistics on their gameplay.

Some software even have the option to alter the RGB of the keyboard to give it the aesthetics you love.

Can We use Normal Keyboard For Gaming?

No, it is not advised to use normal keyboards for gaming. A gaming keyboard is called gaming keyboard because it comes with versatile features. There is no wrong in using a normal keyboard for gaming. Even often gamers on a budget tend to use them for gaming.

Gaming Keyboard Vs Normal Keyboard

But it may not be the most comfortable option. Some gamers prefer a keyboard with a more tactile response, which may not be possible with a standard keyboard. So, yes, you can use a standard keyboard for gaming. However, some gaming keyboards may have more features than a standard keyboard, making them more suitable for gaming.

Can We Use Gaming Keyboard For Normal Use?

Yes, you can definitely use gaming keyboards for normal use. While some gaming keyboards may be suitable for general use, they may not have the features or design quality that you are looking for. Just be sure to keep the keyboard’s weight and size in mind when selecting it.

People might often not prefer gaming keyboards for normal use. The reason is that they are quiet complex to type on. plus they might cost you hefty of bucks and are pretty bulky to have them in your lap or type on them. However you can look for keyboards that are compact and can be used for gaming as well as normal use.

Can We Use Gaming Keyboards For Typing?

Yes, you can use gaming keyboards for typing. The layout might be odd at first but with time you will get used to it and everything will be alright. Gaming keyboards are typically designed with a specific purpose in mind. A lot of these keyboards are also made to be durable and long lasting, which means they tend to last longer than standard keyboards.

Gaming Keyboard Vs Normal Keyboard

This can be advantageous when you are planning to use a keyboard for long periods of time. In addition to this, many gaming keyboards feature features such as anti-ghosting keys and high-quality switches. However, there are some drawbacks to using gaming keyboards for typing. The gaming keyboard has a different layout than a standard keyboard. This means that you will have to learn a new layout and use the arrow keys and shift keys in order to type on your regular keyboard. This can be frustrating and hard to learn.

What Are The Advantages Of A Gaming Keyboard?

There are many advantages to using a gaming keyboard. Some of the most common benefits include:

Keyboard shortcuts

A gaming keyboard allows you to access different actions and functions faster than a standard keyboard. For example, when you press ‘~’ on your keyboard, you can access the “settings” screen for your PS4 console. This is often not possible with a standard keyboard. –

Ergonomic Design

If you are a gamer who spends long hours at the computer, it will be important to have an ergonomic keyboard to avoid repetitive stress injuries (RSI).

Keyboard Lighting

Gaming keyboards usually have built-in lighting to make them easier to see in dark rooms. Many gaming keyboards have multi-coloured keys to help you to differentiate between different buttons on the keyboard.

Fastest Response Rate

A gaming keyboard will have more responsive keys than a regular keyboard. They often have large icons and buttons that are easy to click, making it quick and simple to access all of the functions of the keyboard. This is why they are usually faster than a regular keyboard. Some of these features include adjustable brightness, backlighting, macro keys, media keys and many more.

What Are The Disadvantages Of A Gaming Keyboard?

Each and every thing that exists comes with its pros and cons. One might think that gaming keyboards may be perfect and have no cons to them. Of course they are perfect but we think that would be only for the gamers. For normal use gaming keyboards might be not be the good choice.

A gaming keyboard can be bulky and heavy, making it difficult to carry around. Furthermore, gaming keyboards can be expensive, and may not be worth the expense if you only use them for occasional gaming sessions.

However if you are an avid gamer and want to have a responsive gaming session then you need to purchase a good gaming keyboard.


To sum it up if you are a gamer, then it is a good idea to get a gaming keyboard. Gaming keyboard will let you have the best experience while playing your favourite games. If you are not a gamer and still want purchase a gaming keyboard then you can have it as well.

However remember getting used to it for typing might require you a bit of time. They are responsive, and have some of the best tactile feedback. Hopefully you are now aware which keyboard you need to go for. Best of luck!